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How Dogs Help Students Build Important Life Skills

Posted by Joseph Watson on
How Dogs Help Students Build Important Life Skills

Many people do not realize the importance of owning pets in their homes. One group of people who benefit from these animals is kids; pets equip children with life lessons like responsibility, patience, compassion, trust,

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and many other life lessons. Both kids and pets enjoy each other’s company, and so the benefit can be said to be mutual. 

When purchasing a dog for your home, you should realize a distinct difference between service dogs and therapy dogs. Service dogs help individuals with specific disabilities, while therapy dogs provide support and comfort to the owners. Some of these essential life lessons dogs can teach your kids include: 


Whether it’s cleaning the dog, feeding them, walking them, a kid that grows up with a kid will grow up with a sense of responsibility. When you introduce a pet into your household, incorporate your kid into the new pet responsibilities by performing tasks together.

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Make your kid have a sense of ownership by letting them perform simple tasks that come with owning the dog alone. They’ll learn to write and deliver assignments on time and if they fail to do so, provide references to good online writing services.

With EduBirdie writing service, available online 24/7, every student can look forward to completing thesis and dissertation work independently. As a busy student you can pay people to do your homework at only a click of the mouse, the sense of responsibility helps students develop high quality and original work and, above all, meet the deadline.


Another benefit brought by dogs to the kids is the virtue of empathy. It is a social-emotional benefit that teaches your kids to empathize with others in their difficult moments. At times dogs, in one way or another, are scared of something and kids have to cuddle them to make them feel safe.

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That way, your kids will learn to empathize with others and not freak out whenever a situation breaks out. Through this virtue, your kids will always know how to make the younger kids feel better when they are afraid of something. 


Caring for a dog at home requires a lot of patience. Kids will have to teach them new tricks, housebreaking and developing any other tricks that you might want the dog to have. All these cannot be completed in a day or two; it is a task that requires a lot of time. 

That way, your kids will learn to be patient and persevere to achieve great things in life. They will also learn that if they stick to a given routine, there is a high chance for them to achieve whatever they want in life. 


Another important lesson your kids can learn from dogs is respect. Dogs are some of the most discipline animals, and they can do anything required of them by their master. 

However, if not treated with respect, they retaliate by running away or, in worse cases, biting the owner. From this, your kids can learn that you need to respect others for you to be respected. You cannot expect to disrespect others and expect to be respected. 


One interesting thing about dogs is that they offer unconditional love no matter the situation. The way dogs care and protect their pappies teaches kids always to show love no matter the situation.

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Such kind of love helps kids develop self-esteem and a feeling of support that every kid requires when growing up. A child who grows up without self-esteem will find it hard to reach their goals, so it is important to build a healthy relationship with them when they are still young. 

Physical activities 

Dogs naturally have tones of energy and are known to run around owing to their small size. To emulate or catch up with the dog, your kid will end the day with many physical activities that are healthy for your kids. 

Encouraging the kids to perform any physical exercise is much easier than making them go out there and accomplish this vital duty alone. Physical activity is vital for your kid’s health, and they will have a better sleep during the night. 


In a nutshell, the presence of a dog in your kid’s life as they grow up at home or in an education setting is essential. Even when left alone, kids will never feel lonely if they have dogs around them. Just make sure that you let the kid own the dog and every responsibility that comes with it. 

About the author: Julius Sim is the Head of Support Team at EduBirdie, where she looks after both the CS and CX department. His main focus has been on improving order delivery time, ensuring high-quality assignments for every order, and quickly resolving customer complaints. In his free time, he loves cycling, reading books and watching drama movies.

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