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How the K9 Sport Sack Changed My Life

March 01, 2017


 "The K9 Sport Sack has completely changed my life"

"My K9 Sport Sack has completely changed my life, no joke! When I moved to a new city 2 years ago, the first language was not my own, and I felt completely lost. I decided to get a dog, a corgi, Buddy! He is the light in my life and makes every day an adventure. But, I faced an issue because most of the exercise activities I was used to doing weren't ones that I could bring a corgi with me due to his stumpy legs! That's when I purchased my K9 Sport Sack. Now, Buddy comes everywhere with me, rain or shine. We bike together, skate together (I'm Canadian, it's a must), hike together, everything! And this bag alone has started so many conversations with the people I meet during our adventures I can't even count! This bag (and the adorable corgi in it) forced me to speak and practice a new language because people just had to know where I got it, a language I am now fluent in. Buddy and I have had so many adventures in our K9 Sport Sack and so many more to come!" - Kathryn O.

Q&A Session:

1. How did you hear about the K9 Sport Sack? I heard about the K9 Sport Sack through Instagram. I had been researching dog bike baskets for a while and simply could not find anything that was practical and affordable. I happen to come across a corgi page and the dog was in the K9 sport sack. I ordered it right away and have been 100% satisfied.


2. What made you want the K9 Sport Sack? I wanted the K9 Sport Sack because exercise is essential in my life, but so is my dog. My dog Buddy, a 2 year old corgi, is my emotional support dog. With Buddy and daily exercise, my depression and anxiety has basically become non-existent. For the first year with Buddy, all we did was walk because I didn't have the motivation to exercise without Buddy with me. I wanted to be able to do all the different exercise activities I used to do (skating, biking, hiking, etc) but have Buddy with me. When I saw the K9 Sport Sack on Instagram, I had never seen anything like it before and I never even considered that one item could fix so many issues! Now, he is always with me no matter where I go! And last year, he sprained his leg and could only do minimal exercise for a month - but that didn't stop me! I'd walk him a bit, then in the K9 sport sack the rest of the way on bike or walking!


3. What are you favorite things to do with your dog and K9 Sport Sack? My all time favorite activity with Buddy and my K9 Sport Sack is biking. There's something about his face that is just pure joy (see attached videos). He has the wind in his face and just relaxes and enjoys all the smells nature has to offer. Also, when I'm out with Buddy in the K9 Sport Sack on my bike, people actually stop to take pictures. Whenever I am stopped at a light or biking slowly, everyone wants a picture and wants to know where I got this magic bag! It's the greatest conversation starter I have ever had. The amount of people pointing at Buddy in the bag in amazement is countless! I love the energy it brings. I wish I could film all the people that start smiling when they see Buddy in the K9 Sport Sack. It's impossible not to smile.


4. What’s the funniest thing someone’s ever said while you were using the K9 Sport Sack? I'm not sure if I've had many funny comments, but someone did ask me once if it was a bread bag because corgis tend to look like loaves of bread. I think the nicest thing someone has ever said is, "wow, there goes the happiest dog in the world". His smile when he's in the K9 Sport Sack is contagious.


5. What would you tell someone looking into getting a K9 Sport Sack? I recommend the K9 Sport Sack to everyone I meet. It really changes how you view activities with your dog, it makes the possibilities endless. I would recommend getting the booster seat, because for me, I like that feeling of his paws on my shoulders and his head at the same height as mine so he can see in front and enjoy the view with me. The main thing I tell everyone I recommend the product to is "you'll want to exercise more than you ever have before. It will change the way you exercise". I never liked exercising before, it was work. Now, it's not. It's fun.


Buddy's social media: Instagram @corgisgottacorg

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