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Sept 2021 Inventory Update

Posted by Joseph Watson on
Shipping containers stacked at a port.

K9 Sport Sackers, 

First, we would like to personally thank you for your continued support and encouragement. Without our great customers and your dogs we would not be where we are today. 

Many of you know we have been out of several key items for the last few months. Here at K9 we have tried very hard to keep our items in stock at all times. All of our products are designed and tested here in the US, but manufactured overseas. As with many businesses here in the USA, we are experiencing high shipping costs and delayed shipping times for our products. The ports that receive our products are extremely overwhelmed with shipping containers and unfortunately until the ports get caught up we will be likely to be in this situation. 

We hope that this helps you understand our side of the current inventory shortage as we are doing everything we can to get you the products you need. 

Here are updates on specific products as of September 2021: 

Air 2 

A woman stands outside with a tropical Air 2 backpack dog carrier

Update: We got a large shipment on 9/23/2021 of Air 2 carriers in all colors and sizes except for small/mint and extra small/black! Take advantage while they last!

Alternative Options: We still have loads of Air 2 in the Tropical color. Plus 2 carriers still have almost all colors and sizes available.


Update: The most asked about product in regards to stock is the Knavigate. These bags sold out in record time. As the last run was the first round of bags ever produced, we are still figuring out logistics of the supply chain. There is a full 40 foot container that just left our manufacturer in Indonesia. We initially hoped to see these come back into stock at the end of October but now we are expecting them by November or December, but no exact date is established. We still have XS and S carriers still available. 

Alternative Options: For sizes M-L If you have a 20-40 pound dog we recommend looking at the Plus 2. You can’t go wrong with our best selling dog carrier. 

For sizes L-XL If you have a 30-50 pound dog we recommend looking at the Rover 2. This carrier has all the features the Knavigate has and more than you could ever need on a dog carrier. 

Booster Blocks

Update: We have a container with Booster Blocks in the LA port that is waiting to be delivered to our warehouse. This could show up on our doorstep in the next few weeks but there is not a set date. 

Alternative Options: Use any kind of soft alternative. We recommend using small blankets, towels, or yoga blocks. Remember the whole purpose of the Booster Block is to help give your dog a 3 inch boost up in the carrier. 

If you would like to size your own booster block, the dimensions of our booster blocks are below:

  • XS/SM - 8" wide, 5" deep, 3" tall
  • MED/LG -10" wide, 6" deep, 3" tall


A dog sticking its head out of a transportable kennel

Update: A container with more of the Karry-Ons is in the LA port. This could show up on our doorstep in the next few weeks but there is not a set date. 

K9 Sport Shades 

Update: A container with more shades is in the LA port. This could show up on our doorstep in the next few weeks but there is not a set date.

We want to throw you a Bone 

We're doing all we can to get our products back in stock. To help make up for these shortages we would like to offer special discounts on select items at K9SportSack.com.

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  • Amber on

    Hi there!! Thanks for the great products and transparency. Any updates on the booster blocks? 😃 🐶

  • Omar on

    Thank you for keeping us informed of how these global shipping delays are impacting your inventory. The timelines and stock expectations you’ve provided is appreciated. Are there any updates on the Booster Blocks?

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