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Natural Solutions For Dog Joint Health

Posted by Spencer Kottcamp on
Natural Solutions For Dog Joint Health

At K9 Sport Sack, we often get questions about the safety of the bag for a dog with pre-existing health concerns: one who has arthritis or a dog who just underwent surgery. This includes questions like:

  • “Does the carrier work for older dogs or older dogs with hip issues?”
  • “My dog has a bad back, would this put too much pressure on their back?”
  • “My dog just underwent surgery, is it safe to put them in a K9 Sport Sack?”

As mentioned on our website, the K9 Sport Sack is perfectly safe for healthy dogs when worn correctly and will not hurt or put the dog at risk. All of our backpacks were created under the close supervision of multiple veterinarians with safety being our number one priority when designing a new backpack. However, what do we say to the dogs with medical conditions or old age? How can we include those dogs or make accommodations to help them feel the most comfortable in a K9 Sport Sack?

Please contact your veterinarian if your dog has a pre-existing medical condition to make sure that putting them in a backpack is a safe and good decision. Every dog is different and the needs of a dog with a medical condition are individualized and determined on a case-by-case basis. However, once you do have the confidence of a medical professional on your side, we have a new product that will help ease the pain and make your dog’s experience more comfortable in a K9 Sport Sack and in their day-to-day life.


Nature's Balance Joint Support Supplements 

We are proud to carry Nature’s Balance Joint Support Supplement on our website. This is a 100% all natural, single, non-prescription dietary supplement which helps support your dog’s joint health. With just five ingredients - glucosamine, MSM, hemp seed, turmeric and pure collagen - your dog will start to see the benefits in 2-4 weeks time. You can use this supplement with your elderly or arthritic dog to help ease their pain but you can also use it with a young and healthy dog to support their longevity and joint health.

In addition to carefully selecting the ingredients, Nature’s Balance hand-mixes the ingredients together and packages them right away. By doing this, they know exactly what each packet contains and can take pride in giving their furry customers the best. With other companies, the ingredients sediment during transportation and they don't bother reblending before packaging. Therefore, you never know what you are feeding your dog: the stuff that was shipped on top or all the heavy stuff that shifted to the bottom.

Another thing that separates Nature's Balance from other joint supplements is that there are no additives, fillers, flow/binding agents, wheat, rice or sugars that can cause a build up in yeast which causes negative effects. With all those amazing health benefits, it’s no wonder why customer’s rave about the product.


Nature's Balance Story


Nature’s Balance was founded after realizing there was a gap in the market for a natural solution for joint support in dogs. The creator’s black lab-shepherd mix went through surgery to replace both her ACLs, but even after the surgery, it was still painful for her to walk. So they set out to find a supplement to help support joint function and reduce her pain. After not finding a truly natural and easy to use supplement, they decided to make one themselves.

This origin story resonates with us since the creation of K9 Sport Sack was to address the gap in the market of dog carriers, but ultimately, to help include our dog on our adventures. So let’s continue to include our dogs on our adventures and help those who need a little extra boost with the Nature’s Balance Joint Support. 


Customer Testimonials


Here's what some customers have to say about their experience with Nature's Balance supplements. 

"We feel so fortunate to have found a caring quality producer, Nature’s Balance, which has provided a much needed supplement, Joint Support, for our two fur babies... Axl, a 7 y/o GSD reduce and Blue, a 5 y/o Mastador. Within the first 2 weeks, our Shepherd’s fur was softer and shedding was decreased (he was lovingly called our German Shedder).

What we noticed the most, beside the fact that both dogs love the taste, is that the shepherd, who has had a bad hind leg since birth, was running more evenly and longer after about a month of daily supplements. His gait improved!"

To find a family who takes great pride in their product makes us feel good about feeding it to our babies. With great regard for this company."

-Sharon and Tom Lamb Caldwell, ID.

"This is amazing!! My Lab loves the Rich Beef and the Peanut Butter! He has been on the product for about 6 months now and I can see a big difference! He is 8 yrs old and was limping awful because of arthritis before we got him on it. He is back to running like he used to as a pup! Thank you for making Pepper happy and feeling better!"

-Trina Sadler Herriman, UT 

We’re hoping you will find the same relief when it comes to using this product, so that you and your dog can enjoy new adventures together.


Frequently Asked Questions


       1. Should dosage change depending on my dog’s size?                            

The pre-packaged dosage amount of one packet per day works with all sizes of dogs. There is no harm in overdosing due to the fact that Nature’s Balance Joint Support is 100% all natural. It is not a medication or prescription so it is perfectly safe to alter dosages.

Small breeds like teacup dogs can still benefit from half a packet a day and large breeds over 80 lbs can benefit from more than one packet a day. You know your dog better than we do, so do what feels right and pay attention to the dosages to see what helps your dog the most. Just know that there is no possibility of overdosing and anything that your dog’s body does not absorb will be excreted in the urine.


2. Is Nature’s Balance Joint Support safe?

Yes! Nature’s Balance Joint Support is safe for your dog and not known to have any negative side effects. However, if side effects do present in your dog, please contact your veterinarian. Full precaution: Use in animals intended for breeding or those pregnant has not been proven. Consult with your veterinarian before using in animals treated with anticoagulant medications, clotting disorders, diabetes, or any metabolic disorders. Not for human consumption.


3. How long will it take to see results?

Each dog is different, so there isn’t a specific answer for a specific breed. However, Nature’s Balance recommends waiting four to six weeks for results but have had customers report positive results in less time than that.


4. Are there any negative effects from taking this supplement for a long time?

Nature’s Balance Joint Support supplement can be taken for life. There are no adverse effects resulting from continued use of the supplement. There are no additives, fillers, flow or binding agents, wheat, rice or sugars that can cause a build up in yeast which causes negative effects.


5. Can I use Nature’s Balance Joint Support with other supplements or pharmaceuticals?

Nature’s Balance Joint Support is all-natural with no known negative interactions. If added supplements or prescriptions are needed for your pet please consult with your veterinarian.

To learn more about Nature’s Balance Joint Support for Dogs please visit our website 

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