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6 Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

Posted by Joseph Watson on
6 Dog Walking Tips Everyone Should Know

Dog walking shouldn't be a frustrating experience for you or your pet. Each walk should be a perfect time to bond and enjoy some exercise and fresh air. However, many people wonder how to walk a dog that pulls because their fur babies haven’t had proper leash training. A pulling dog will make every walk a nightmare – there will be no relaxation for either of you. 

Making sure your dog enjoys the walk is the key to success. Most times, dogs pull the leash, bark or get hysterical because they are poorly socialized or lack proper training. 

We've prepared six tips for dog walking to help you turn stressful walks into a joyful bonding time with your fur baby. 


Front Clip Harness



If you wonder how to train a dog to walk on a leash without pulling, start with switching to a front clip harness. Dogs instinctively pull even more when you tug them back, so it's best to use a harness that makes you pull the pup from the front. Dogs don't fight against it, and the best thing about it is that you make your dog turn and face you when you pull. It will allow you to instantly make a connection with your dog and make sure he obeys you. Many heavy pullers have changed their behavior dramatically after using a front clip harness, so make sure you try it out. 


Dog Breeds Differ



Not every dog breed requires the same amount or pace of walking. The breed mix plays an important role in figuring out how much exercise the dog needs, and how long your walks should be. Small breeds generally need less walking and exercise. While a Doberman may require at least an hour of intense walks every day, a Chihuahua will be satisfied with short walks around the park. Do your research on the specific breed or mix of your furry friend, and make sure you adjust the walking pace and duration to his requirements.  


Puppies and Older Dogs Get Tired Quickly



If you've just got a puppy and can't wait to start going on walks, you should know that puppies get tired quickly. Just as human toddlers, they have bursts of energy that don't last long. No matter the breed, a puppy will get tired after twenty minutes of walking. Gradually build up the walking time as your fur baby grows bigger and stronger. No worries, they grow up so quickly, you will start going on long walks and hikes together before you know it. 

If you own a senior fur baby, you should always be aware of their age and health condition. Regular vet check-ups are a must, and you should ask your veterinarian for advice about walking time and pace. Senior dogs often have the enthusiasm to follow you on long hikes, but they lack the stamina to follow that enthusiasm. Over-exercising a senior dog can have tragic consequences, so make sure you take it easy on your senior family member. 


Backpack Dog Carrier 



Backpack dog carriers are incredibly handy when walking with puppies, senior dogs, or dogs with health conditions. They are also great for public transportation, but also camping and hiking tours. Going on long walks in nature is most dog owner's favorite adventure. A quality dog carrier will allow you to bring your dog with you wherever you go and give you a perfect solution for tired paws and a sleepy furry head. K9 Sport Sack is one of the most used dog carrier brands globally, praised for durability and efficiency. Approved by veterinarians, the backpacks allow you to bring your dog with you while ensuring the pup is always safe and comfortable. From walks through the woods to hiking and jogging, there are various dog carrier models for any activity.


Routine Matters 



Sticking to a routine is always a good idea when teaching your dog to do – well, anything. When it comes to walking, sticking to a routine means going out at the same time every day and going to the same destination. It doesn't mean you have to walk the same route and never go anywhere else for the rest of your life. Stick with one destination for a while until your dog learns how to behave. Once he figures out the expected behavior around other dogs and other people while walking around the neighborhood, he will know how to behave when you take him to a big park. 


So Do Treats



Training your dog and teaching him how to behave in public isn't always an easy task. Dogs can get tired, bored, and moody. Sometimes they won't listen to you or do anything you say. There is only one solution for stubborn dogs: bring something they can't resist. In a dog's world, that's usually related to treats. When you have his favorite snack in your hand, your dog will listen to you. 

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