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Top Tips for Taking Your Pooch with You on Your Travels

Posted by Joseph Watson on
Top Tips for Taking Your Pooch with You on Your Travels
It was Frederick the Great who first uttered those immortal words back in the eighteenth century, and it's safe to say they still hold true to this day. "A dog is a man's best friend." Words any dog owner past or present can certainly relate to. But I'm sure you'll agree, it runs much deeper than friendship. Our dogs' relationship is on the same level as the one we have with our closest family members.

These animals' unconditional love and unfaltering loyalty that they have shown to their human counterparts have fed many a newspaper and magazine a staple diet of incredible stories of bravery and courage that these devoted animals have shown towards their owners. We talk to them, open up our hearts to them, and even trust them with our darkest secrets. Hell, we even ask them their advice; such is the bond between us.

With all this in mind, it's no surprise that we want to limit the amount of time we spend apart from our doggy friends. Holidays, day trips, and visits to long distant relatives can all have a detrimental effect on both ourselves and our dogs if they're not by our side on these trips. A more enjoyable solution would be to take them along. You will no longer worry about leaving them with someone else, and your pooch will be beside his trusted friends, a win-win situation all around.

Got a travel buddy? It’s in the bag


 Is it a rucksack? No, it's a doggie carrier backpack. If you want to feel close to your dog, this is a great and safe way to achieve it. Secure and comfortable, these are ideal for dogs that you want to share your experiences with. Let them see what you see, let them feel your warmth, and you can do all this without breaking your back from constantly bending down and picking them up when they're tired. Especially useful for those who like hiking over long distances.

These come in several colours and sizes to suit your mood and your dog type. Many have side pockets and compartments, so you're able to pack necessities on your travels, such as water bottles, treats, poop bags, and other doggy essentials. All of these essentials and more have been trialled, tested and reviewed by Petz and will be sure to provide you with the best opinions. Ventilated side panels so your pet doesn't get too hot and padded shoulder straps to make sure your journey is pain-free. Put a stop to your dog barking every time he sees you going out on your bike ride by taking him with you by popping him in a doggie carrier backpack.

Cruising and Snoozing

 If you're traveling across the country to visit relatives, then man's best friend will get tired at some point in watching the world go by out the back window. When your pooch decides to call time on his sightseeing session and take a snooze, make sure it's in the comfort of a car seat dog bed. These work in the same way a child seat would but are for dogs; safety and comfort instead. They're especially useful for relieving anxiety and uneasiness that some dogs suffer on long car journeys.

Long journeys make for thirsty dogs, especially on hot, humid days. Make sure your pooch is well hydrated by packing a dog water bottle before leaving. These versatile bottles have lids that convert to bowls when taken off, so pour the water into the top of the bottle and instantly satisfy your dog's thirst. 

Eyes on the Prize

If you have a dog inclined to poke his head out of the window on a car journey, it may be a good idea to supply him with a pair of sunglasses. Sound crazy? Well, as crazy as it does sound, doggles, as they're called, can actually prevent skin cancer in dogs by blocking the sun's rays, especially in dogs with thin or white fur. Of course, it also protects the eyes from any flying debris. They may not be Ray-Bans, but hey, they do the job.

The next time you're debating on what to do with your pooch when you go away to visit that aunt on the other side of the country or go on a hiking trip for a few days, give a thought to what your dog would want. Make yours and your pet's life easier by taking them with you. They'll be comfortable, well-hydrated, and feel like a movie star with their head out the window, wind rushing past them as they stylishly look on in their Ray-Bans....sorry doggles!

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