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Top Places To Go With Your Dog After The Quarantine

Posted by Spencer Kottcamp on
Top Places To Go With Your Dog After The Quarantine

If you’re anything like us, you’ve constantly been trying to get the latest news on when life will go back to normal and we can finally get back to the outdoors. While that date is still uncertain, that doesn’t mean we can’t plan ahead and get our post coronavirus bucket lists ready to go! Here’s our list for the place we’re running to first as soon as we all get the green light do so. 

The Dog Park 

Alright, that might not sound super adventurous, but there’s nothing like being able to get back to your old stomping ground. For many dogs, the dog park is where their first friends were made, frisbees chased, and have kept their tails wagging ever since. Not being able to go for such a long time has taught us to not take them for granted and given us the itch to check out some new ones too. Our personal favorite site to find dog parks in your area is It allows you to search by city or zip code, has reviews, and pictures of all the fun things to do there.


Doggy Spa

Let’s face it, by the time this is all over, it might have been weeks or even months since your dog’s last proper grooming. Of course we’ve been doing all we can to keep them clean, but grooming a dog is serious business! They’re equipped to handle bathing, cuts, nail clippings, and always accommodate for things like skin irritations, allergies, ticks, cuts, etc. Hopefully in no time, our pups will all be looking like show dogs, but in the meantime, check out some great grooming products from our friends at Skout's Honor. 


Grab a Bite to Eat

Again, maybe this doesn’t scream adventure, but we’re counting down the days to when all of us can sit down, enjoy a nice meal, and bring our pups along. While not all restaurants accommodate pets, a simple google search can show you what your city has to offer. If you’re ever in the area, the Barking Dog in NYC has amazing food for you and your pup! 

Adventure Time

Whether it’s to Horseshoe Bend in Arizona, Banff National Park in Alberta, or camping in your backyard your first adventure with your dog after the global pandemic is guaranteed to be extra special and memorable. Going on a special trip together will be incredibly helpful to clear our heads, reset, and start the next chapter of our lives. Needing a pet friendly hotel while traveling? has you covered and can find you the closest hotel that will accommodate you and your pup. So with that said, where are you headed first?!

Surfs up! 

Who doesn’t love a day at the beach!? You get to soak up the sun, go for a swim, and unwind for a day. If your dogs are anything like ours, beach trips are easily one of their favorite things in the world. While not every beach accommodates dogs, many do. Once again, is the go-to for finding local dog beaches. They come with reviews, a locator, and pictures to give you an idea what the beach looks like. 

Already have your own list for where you’re headed first? Be sure to comment below and check out our other pawesome dog blog posts. Thanks for reading! 

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