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Purchasing a K9 Sport Sack Made Easy!

Posted by Spencer Kottcamp on
Purchasing a K9 Sport Sack Made Easy!

Dogs (and even cats) are loving the K9 Sport Sack all over the world! With that being said, there are a few of questions to consider before getting your good boi or girl the ride of a lifetime. 

This page will cover all the information you need to make a purchase of the K9 Sport Sack. 

On a daily basis the most frequently asked questions are

How does the carrier work?
Which size do I need?
Is the K9 Sport Sack safe to use?
Which model do I need?

We’re here to make sure those questions get answered so you and your dog can feel confident using the K9 Sport Sack. Let's get started!

How Does The K9 Sport Sack Work?

The easiest way to explain how the carrier works is to show you! Click here to see how to best load your dog into the K9 Sport Sack. 



Here’s a breakdown of what you see in the video above:

  1. Put your dog’s front paws through the two openings and then clip the collar enclosure.
  2. Place hind legs into the bag and then zip the bag up. 
  3. Place the collar enclosure buckle through the zipper loop. 
  4. Tightly secure each lumbar back strap, side cinch, and collar enclosure. 
  5. Always clip the carabiner to your dog’s collar. 
  6. Make sure shoulder straps are pulled tight to lift the carrier and avoid any sagging. You want your dog to be riding high on your back! If your dog can’t see over your shoulders, adjust the bag up. 
  7. We recommend 30-45 minutes at a time in the carrier. 

Check out this video here if you ever need to get the carrier on or off by yourself.

Which Size Do I Need?

Sizing is crucial to having the best experience with your K9 Sport Sack. In order to get the best size, the most important things to consider are:

What to do to get the best sized carrier.
What to do if you have a puppy/growing dog.
What to do if your dog is in between two sizes.

To get the best sized carrier, measure your dog lengthwise from collar to base of tail and around the chest for its girth

Once you know the measurements and the carrier you'd like to buy, click here to see each of our sizing guides on our website as seen below.


For puppies, We recommend looking into how big your dog will most likely become (length, girth, and weight) based on breed and/or parent's size if possible.

Then, purchase that sized carrier and get a booster block or two to use until your dog is fully grown.

For dogs in between sizes, we recommend size up and get a booster block. These foam pads add 3 inches to the bottom of your carrier to give your pup a lift. Once your dog is full grown just take them out. 

You can find booster blocks here

Is The K9 Sport Safe To Use?


Our carriers were designed under the close supervision of multiple veterinarians to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

A frequent question we get is, “Will This Hurt My Dog's Back?”.

No, if the K9 Sport Sack is used properly, you should not have any issues with your dog's back. Please refer to the video in the "How Does The K9 Sport Sack Work?" section to learn how to properly wear the carrier. 

Each bag is equipped with a lumbar strap to keep your dog safe and upright, also to give extra back support along with the zipper.

However, if your dog has pre-existing health concerns or we recommend consulting your veterinarian before purchasing.

During the consultation, it will be important to know your dog may stand on the base of the bag at first, then with time settle in to sit in an upright position on their bottom.


Their front paws will be exposed and resting on your shoulders.


We recommend 30-45 minutes at a time in the carrier. 

Which Model Should I Get?


Now that you have a better understanding of how the K9 Sport Sack works, which size is best, and learned about common health concerns, it's time to get you carrier!

Take a look here at last week's blog post where we broke down each of our models and which will cater best to you and your dog! 

Need additional help?

Send us a message on Instagram, Facebook, or chat with us on our website! 

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  • Isabel Zamora on

    I’m looking to purchase a sport sack for my dog he’s a miniature schnauzer about 15lbs. What size do you recommend?

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