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7 Best Dog Breeds For College Students

Posted by Joseph Watson on
7 Best Dog Breeds For College Students

The dog has always been a human's best friend, and despite the rapidly changing world, this statement remains relevant today. A lot of people want to have a dog, however, this is not always possible because of the circumstances beyond our control. This desire is especially strong among students who miss their homes, are still adapting to college life, and always need to balance between academic and personal tasks. Is this an obstacle to having a dog if you are in college? No, if you make the right choice with a breed. In this article, we have prepared a list of the best dogs for college students that will make your life better and perfectly fit the student lifestyle.

1. Dachshund

If you have an active lifestyle, then this dog will be an excellent companion.

brown dachshund on snow covered ground during daytime

Despite their small size, such dogs are very active as they are representatives of a hunting breed. There are several reasons why these are great options. First, such dogs are always ready to be active and go on any trip. Second, this breed of dog does not need expensive maintenance. All you need is to ensure proper nutrition and an active lifestyle.

    One thing every potential dachshund owner needs to know is that raising a pet will take a lot of your time. Otherwise, these babies can destroy everything they come across. Once you earn the authority of your pet, the dachshund will become your best companion.

    2. Pug

    What could be better than a dog that resembles cats in behavior but often amuses its owners? If you fall into the category of very busy students, then a pug is the best option for your lifestyle. On top of that, these little dogs are very fond of children.

    depth photo of fawn pug

    With this breed of dog, you don't have to run for hours to make it satisfied. A pug's favorite pastime is sleeping with its  owner, making them perfect for busier people. It is also the best pet option for those who live on campus, as they are not prone to noisy behavior or destroyed furniture. Therefore, if you want to get a calm friend, then this breed can be a perfect dog in college.

    3. Chinese Crested

    Are you one of those who like to be in the spotlight and are very outgoing? Then

    person holding white long coated small dog

    this dog breed will be the perfect addition to your personality and will perfectly fit into your lifestyle. The unusual appearance and extra friendliness of this breed make these dogs the center of everyone's attention. With such a tailed friend, you will not go unnoticed!

    By the way, this breed has very strong empathic abilities. They know how to capture the feelings of their master. More importantly, they can support you emotionally. For example, if you are stressed because you cannot write an essay, they will help you calm down and concentrate. They simply sit next to you and emit emotions that will return you to a normal state.

    4. Poodle

    If you are afraid you will not be able to cope with the upbringing of a furry-tailed friend, then according to dog handlers, this is an ideal option for a first experience. Poodles are a balance between activity and peacefulness. These dogs love both physical activities outside the home and complete peace of mind in the house.

    dog sitting on sofa inside room

    Therefore, they will not bother others while you are at school and will not exhaust you with three-hour walks both in the morning and in the evenings.

    The only thing that can cause complexity and financial costs is grooming the fur. But in practice, learning how to groom at home is the task that every dog owner can handle. Then you can save money on professional services.

    5. Boston Terrier

    Are you one of those who admire the intellectual capabilities of dogs? Believe it, this breed is what you need.

    black and white french bulldog puppy lying on white textileThey are predisposed to training and easily master new tasks. Therefore, choose this breed if you want to get not only a loving but also a capable friend.

    As for the character of these dogs, they are friendly and very loyal. These are not dogs that are vindictive. This is what makes this dog breed ideal for students who live on campus or rent an apartment with others. The only thing they might not like is the presence of other animals.

    6. Continental Toy Spaniel (Papillon)

    This cute dog attracts attention not only because of its appearance but also because of its loyal character and high intelligence. They are very curious about

    everything that surrounds them and have a special wit. But these dogs will not be a problem for their owners and are a good solution for those who live in an apartment or campus.

    They do not require high-intensity walks or extended play. But there is one nuance that you should remember about. They are very jealous, but this jealousy is just a manifestation of their strong love. Therefore, be prepared for the fact that these tailed friends will want to be the only favorites in your life.

    7. Dog from the Shelter

    Taking a dog from a shelter is always a great idea and there are a number of serious confirmations of this. First, it is the most budgetary option, but no less

    white and black dog on green grass

    pleasant. Second, when you take a dog from a shelter, you give a pet the opportunity to feel love and even save a life.

    By the way, animals feel that the owner is saving them and will give tons of their love in return. The final reason why you should take a dog out of the shelter is that you make room for another dog who needs help.

    There is no doubt that sheltered dogs are just as fine as others. Remember that you are getting a new friend, and maybe even a family member, and for this, the dog does not need to have a breed at all. So be sure to pay attention to this option.

    Final Verdict

    Now you know that having a dog in college is a good idea and you know the breeds to which you should pay attention. All you have to do is make the right choice for you and go after your new friend. If you want to not only make a new friend but also to save the life of a living creature, then go to the nearest shelter! You will be surprised how easy it is to do something good!


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