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9 Things You Should Pack for a Safe and Fun Roadtrip With Your Dog

Posted by Joseph Watson on
9 Things You Should Pack for a Safe and Fun Roadtrip With Your Dog

Have you been thinking about your next road trip with your canine pal? Well, the idea of a road trip with your dog by your side can be quite tempting right now. But, without proper planning, road trips with our dogs can be quite challenging. Dogs tend to behave in unsafe ways and get restless during long road trips. Your dog might jump on your lap while you are cruising on the highway or hang out of the window. So, here are a few things you should pack for a safe and fun road trip with your dog.



Food and Water



Pack some water and food for your dog and make sure you carry more than enough food for the entire trip. You can give him a few snacks while on the road trip, but make sure your pup sticks to its regular diet. After all, a slight change in the diet can result in stomach issues. To avoid carsickness, CPG suggests that you should not feed him right before you leave. Remember, your furry pal needs about 4 hours before the trip to digest the food. A dog that is prone to carsickness should not be fed during the roadside breaks. You should also be ready to make numerous roadside stops to give him some water. So, make sure you carry a bowl specially designed for water while on the trip or just his usual food and water bowls.   


A Dog Carrier 



One of the key things that can guarantee your dog's safety when outside your car is a pet carrier. Other than keeping him safe, a backpack carrier can keep him warm and comfortable when outside the car. And with him on your backpack, you can walk with ease and never have to worry about him wandering off. A carrier is a must-have apparel for your dog, especially during road trips, so make sure you pack your carrier!


Poop Bags  



Even though poop bags are a must-have for every road trip, they are very easy to forget, especially when you are doing last-minute packing. After all, you don't want to be found without a poop bag for a roadside stop and have to look for a pet store when you arrive at your destination. So, make sure you get an environmental-friendly and affordable poop bag for your road trip.




Dog tags have become quite comprehensive, especially with digital additions. You can purchase a scannable-QR code tag that links to all the valuable information about the dog should it escape while you are on the road trip. The linked profile on these tags contains their medical data and numerous contact numbers. It's crucial that your pet has more than one form of identification, so having both a microchip and a visible tag is highly recommended.



Pet First-Aid Kit 



You can either purchase a first aid kit or prepare one at home containing sterile pads, cornstarch, vet wraps, a list of emergency numbers, and 3% hydrogen peroxide. These items can be quite helpful if your furry pal gets injured on the road. The hydrogen peroxide can help clean wounds or cuts, while cornstarch can help stop bleeding. Vet wraps are the best option since they won't stick to your dog's fur. If something happens beyond your skills, the list of emergency numbers for vets near where you are headed or where you are can be quite helpful. Make sure you look for emergency contacts for vets in all the towns that you will pass through during the trip.



Vaccination Records and Extra Medication



If your dog is due for any vaccination, make sure you can book a pre-trip appointment with your vet and make sure he gets all the shots. A full body examination before the road trip can also come in handy. Make sure you have your dog's vaccine records with you before leaving for the trip. Don't forget to stock up on any medication that your dog might be taking. You can ask for some extra drugs, just in case you run out or lose the drugs on the road. Plus, most hotels will ask for your dog's vaccination records before booking a room, so keep that in hand.


Collar and Leash



Even if you love letting him off the leash every time you go out, you must be very careful during the roadside breaks. It's better to be safe than sorry, so make sure your dog is on a leash when in a new location and also during the roadside breaks. There are numerous sounds and smells to be explored, and your dog can be easily distracted and runoff.


Safety Restraints



Some counties require all dogs to be secured when traveling in cars, so it's always a good idea to confirm the local laws of all the places you will pass through and check if it's mandatory for your dog to have a seatbelt. Other than adhering to the local laws, carrying a dog seat belt can help keep your dog safe in case of an accident. A dog seat belt can also keep your dog from distracting you while driving. Remember, dogs love climbing onto their owner's laps or on the front seat, which can be very dangerous when driving.     


Insect Repellant and Dog-Safe Sunscreen



Just like human beings, our furry pals are also susceptible to bug bites and sunburns. So make sure you carry an insect repellant and a sunscreen for your road trip. An insect repellant can help protect him from bugs. All you have to do is apply the sunscreen on the exposed bald spots and a pink nose. But make sure the sunscreen and insect repellents don't have harmful chemicals that can be toxic to dogs.


Final Thoughts 


Taking road trips with our pets can be quite fun and, at the same, challenging. Remember, dogs don't know where you are headed or what's going on. A dog can become restless and even get carsick when on road trips. And without proper planning, the trip can be quite challenging. Your dog might get injured or even get lost. So, make sure you pack the above things if you plan on having a fun and safe trip with your dog.     


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