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Posted by Spencer Kottcamp on

One of the most common questions we get here at K9 Sport Sack headquarters is, “what kind of activities can I do with my carrier?"

While the list of activities you can do with your dog on your back may be endless, all activities may not be safe. Please be mindful of your own physical capabilities and the extra moving weight of your dog (or other pet) on your back.

We recommend only using the carrier for activities you feel 100% safe and capable doing. K9 Sport Sack does not assume any liability for accidents of any kind. 

Here are some of our favorite fun and safe activities to do with your K9 Sport Sack as shared by each of you via social media!

Hikes or Walks


When it comes to transporting your dog on your back, no activity may be as satisfying as going on a hike or walk with your dog. The carrier can help you and your dog get to places where before may have been virtually impossible.

Taking your dog on a hike to a lake, snowshoeing up a fun trail, or walking at a dog dog beach may be some of the most fun you can share with your pup! 

This can allow you to get your dog off the hot ground or sand and away from dogs if necessary.

Always remember to allow your dog to get the exercise it needs and to use the carrier when your dog tires out.

Bike Rides


For those of you that didn't already know, the K9 Sport Sack was originally created for bike rides! Joseph and Daisy (our co-founders) have ridden many a mile together with the original K9 Sport Sack since its creation in 2011. 

Bike riding can be one of the most exhilarating experiences with your dog on your back. The combination of wind in your dog's face and people watching you as you go by will make you and your dog the center of attention!

Once again, we always recommend that you participate in safe bike rides where you are capable and feel completely under control. 



Another favorite activity among K9 Sport Sack users is going to local farmers markets, dog approved eateries, and bars. We have had many pictures and videos of dogs and their owners having a blast out on the town. There is even a pub in Colorado that sells the K9 Sport Sack alongside their beer and burgers! 

Many customers find using the carrier easier to keep their dog away from busy foot traffic and it also helps avoid a tangled leash. Plus, if you are single there is no better way to pick up attention than having your dog on your back ;). 

Please be respectful by only taking your dog to places where they are allowed, following any rules and regulations, and asking permission before entering. 

Indoor Activities


For many of us in the last few months, there has been an increase of time spent inside your home.  Although you may not think of the home as a place to normally use the K9 Sport Sack, many current customers have found a variety of fun and helpful ways to use it.

Many people with dogs suffering from anxiety say that their dogs love being close to them in the carrier no matter where they are. 

We have seen customers use the bag while performing various tasks around the house such as vacuuming, gardening, filming a Tik Tok video, or getting in a nice workout!



Let's face it, traveling with your pet is stressful. The K9 Sport Sack can make your life a little more simple and a lot more fun while on the road. 

Using the K9 Sport Sack as you travel to and from places can be a great way to spend time with your pup. Many people will use the bag in heavy traffic areas to keep their dog up and out of harm's way. 

While the Karry-On is the only dog carrier that is TSA approved, using any of our backpacks at airports to get through security and pre-boarding can be very helpful.

Again, we encourage you to be respectful of rules and regulations and to ask permission beforehand when possible.

Puppy Activities 


The K9 Sport Sack is a great option for socializing young puppies that are still in the process of getting all of their shots.

This allows them to be able to join in on a fun adventure for their first time while staying safe in comfy away from other dogs until they've been properly vaccinated. 

In Closing..


There are many fun and safe activities for you and your dog to enjoy. Get creative be sure to tag us on social media, always make sure to be safe!

Let us know what other activities do you and your pup do, comment below! 

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  • Tiffany on

    Waiting for my first carrier to arrive but I’m excited to bring our new rescue on some short local hikes. She loves exploring but new places can be a bit overwhelming. We also plan to use it on longer outings when she gets tired so that we can continue on with our plans and keep her involved.

  • Hannah on

    This is so useful! I’ve been thinking about getting a bike recently to ride on the trails by my house and the k9 sport sack sounds perfect for this. I could also see myself using this when climbing rockier terrain or when my dogs get tired on a longer hike (sometimes they’ll just plop down when they’re tired and start rolling around in the grass haha). One of my dogs is very active and can last on all of our hikes, but my other one gets tired quickly and this could let him join us for our longer adventures too!

  • Jennifer on

    Love the article. It was both insightful and witty. We are getting a new pup soon, I’m thinking of getting a sack so we don’t have to end or hiking season early or leave the pup alone. Plus your right, it’s a great way to get in that socialization.

  • Sarah on

    I recently adopted a small senior pup. When I first got her, she didn’t have much energy or interest in anything. It has been so rewarding to watch her energy and curiosity improve! I am planning on getting a Sport Sack so that we can go on more adventures together and she can see lots of this big, wild world :)

  • Sanna Fogt on

    I just ordered a K9 sport sack yesterday for my 7 pound Maltese/ Chihuahua mix, Pete. I cannot wait for it to arrive!!! Once it’s delivered I plan to use it on long hikes when Pete gets too tired to continue. I am also really looking forward to using it while doing some outdoor shopping! Pete does have some anxiety issues in large crowds, but I think having him on my back and so accessible to me will help him be more calm and I am so glad knowing that he will be able to tag along!

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