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Warehouse Sale - 2017 Model Blowout!

Product Description 


At K9 Sport Sack we are always listening to our customers and updating our products to be better than ever.  For 2018 we added two straps across the zipper for enhanced safety and comfort. These clearance bags are unopened 2017 models that pre-date those straps and are in all other ways identical to current models.


Hello fellow dog lover!  We created the K9 Sport Sack so we never had to leave our dog behind and you shouldn’t either.  The AIR was meticulously developed by dog owners to be lightweight, safe and comfortable. Now you can explore, travel, have fun and grow closer to your pet than ever before.


•Veterinarian Approved

•Worldwide shipping


how to measure

Extra-Small: 10-13 inches from collar to floor in begging position and up to 8 lbs*

Small: 14-17 inches from collar to floor in begging position and up to 14 lbs* 

Medium: 17-20 inches from collar to floor in begging position and up to 20 lbs* 

Large: 20-23 inches from collar to floor in begging position and up to 30 lbs*

* Weight may vary from dog to dog and are only included here as a supplementary metric to assist in correct sizing.  Please measure your dog first and use the weight as a secondary consideration.


K9 Sport Sack AIR Features:

  • NEW Fully ventilated sides allowing 100% more ventilation 
  • NEW Safety D-ring for collar hook-up
  • NEW Adjustable dual side pockets
  • NEW Upgraded easy-pull zipper
  • NEW K9 Whistle Clip on sternum strap
  • NEW Mesh lined Foam-Tek slotted shoulder straps to keep you cool and comfortable
  • NEW Stronger 20mm thick bottom rest pad to keep your dog comfortable
  • NEW Light reflecting adjustable sternum strap
  • NEW Velcro soft side for custom name tags, safety lights etc.


How to get in the K9 Sport Sack

K9 Sport Sack Sizing

How To Measure Your Dog

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 Customer Reviews

Is it comfortable for my dog?
  • Yes, very comfortable. Your dog is ergonomically positioned in the K9 Sport Sack in a way that there are no hard pressure points anywhere on their body, not even their legs. They're essentially in a sling with their weight distributed among the entire bag. There is also a rest pad at the bottom of the bag adding extra support for your dog.  It can easily be worn for an hour or more at a time. 
Is there a weight limit?
  • The K9 Sport Sack will safely carry any dog up to 30 lbs (Anything over 30 lbs voids the warranty, although heavier dogs may fit)

Is it safe?
  • Extremely safe. When we designed the K9 Sport Sack, safety was our #1 priority. There are straps everywhere that adjust perfectly with a no slip clip collar clip and D-ring hookup on our AIR models to ensure your dog cannot jump or fall out of the K9 Sport Sack. 
Is it adjustable? 
  • Yes. There adjustable neck straps, side straps, chest straps and shoulder straps that are all adjustable for the perfect fit.
Can my disabled dog ride in one?
  • It depends on the disability and condition of your dog. Consult with your veterinarian first before buying if you have a disabled/injured dog. 
Is the K9 Sport Sack Washable?
  • Yes. The materials are hand and machine washable. Just make sure to hang dry and use light detergent