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K9 Sport Sack® Knavigate

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The Knavigate is a combination of all the best features from K9 Sport Sack’s backpack dog carriers. Available in the widest range of sizes, XS-XL, this carrier works for small through large dogs. Each size is equipped with an internal frame as well as a padded hip belt to comfortably support more dogs/owners of all body types. The Knavigate was made for the most avid adventurers and allows for longer, more strenuous activities with your dog.

For Dogs Ranging 4-50 lbs (2-23 kgs)

Sizing chart, measuring the length of your dog from its collar to the base of its tail. Extra Small, 10-13 inches. Small 13-17 inches. Medium 17-20 inches. Large 20-23 inches. Extra Large 23-26 inches.

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  • Sizing from XS to XL!
  • Lap Belt on all sizes
  • Hip Pockets
  • Storage Pocket extending underneath the Pet Base to Bottom of Frame
  • Dog Lumbar Support Straps

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All K9 Sport Sack carriers are specially developed under the close direction of animal professionals, veterinarians, dog trainers, and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe, and strong.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 54 reviews
    Corgi ride

    Wish the strap across the chest was stitched in instead of clipped on. Other than that, bag is on point.

    Bianca Fetrow

    I started getting in shape a few months ago. But my little one, who is going to turn 14, can not keep up. She has luxating patellas and arthritis in her hips. So short walks are great, but long hikes are torture for her. Previous bags we had were all messenger style bags that put a lot of pressure on one side of my shoulder. We started with a trainer bag and upgraded to this when we decided hiking was for us. She LOVES it! She rides so comfortably, even trying to fall asleep while out for a ride, while Mom gets her workout in. There is so much room for our water bottles, first aid kits, chilly towels, treats, extra sweaters, etc. And I don't feel like I am carrying too much extra weight. With a bit of training, it is so easy to get her in and out of the carrier, which is a huge plus. I love to show this off to everyone I meet, and the looks you get while your dog is on your back is just amazing. We love our K9 sport sack! My only regret is not finding this earlier!

    Perfect hiking bag

    I was completely obsessed with finding a hiking bag for my dog where I could also have my camelback, as I am a single dog mom that needs to stay hydrated on long hikes. i have purchased 6 different backpacks from different companies, and this is THE ONE. Tons of storage for your things, can fit a camelback, it’s weighted so well that I barely notice the extra weight, and Gus is content looking out.

    Not only this, but I had to return my first bad because it was too big, and customer service was amazing! I shared some photos and they helped me choose the right size. Made the return process easy :)

    My dog's favorite backpack!

    I've tried different brands of dog backpacks for hiking with my shih-tzu, Pippin. The K9 Sport Sack brand is by far his favorite to ride along inside! It is also my favorite because of the way it disperses the weight on my back while I'm hiking. We recently upgraded to the Knavigate option so that I would have more room for storage underneath for longer hikes. I LOVE the feature and the hip belt option as well! Pippin also loves the way he can see out over the shoulder of whoever is carrying him. The ONLY suggestion I would make is that I wish the water bottle pockets on the sides were made to accommodate larger bottles. I like to carry 32oz. bottles with me when I hike, and the pockets are just not big enough for that size bottle. Otherwise, awesome pack approved by me and my dog!

    Jill in NZ
    Peace of mind on uncertain terrain

    Used the pack for the first time taking our dogs to peak a mountain. It was our Border Terrier’s first trail and we were uncertain how he would cope with snow and scrambling on the tougher sections. He did did great until the steep, slippery down hill leaps and landings. At that point he was put in the pack. According to the group, he had a very satisfied look on his face. He didn’t struggle at all. I was happy because my hands were free for balance and safety. The pack did what it was intended for. Some modifications would be nice. 1) add a carabeaner for clipping in a harness, rather than a front one, which can only clip a collar, 2) as the pack is intended for more rugged adventures such as biking and day hikes, the bottom storage section needs to have enough space for day hike essentials. It could easily be made deeper. 3) a space for a water bladder or larger side pockets for more substantial water bottles.