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K9 Sport Sack® Air 2


The Air 2 is the backpack dog carrier people know best. Available in sizes XS-L, it is a durable, breathable mid-level backpack perfect for smaller to medium size dogs. The Air 2 is offered at a reasonable price while including the essential safety and comfort features needed for a comfortable experience. This backpack is recommended for intermediate grade walks, hikes, public transportation, and bike rides. The Air 2 is constructed with durable Cordura® fabric and form-fitting mesh on the sides for breathability.

For Dogs Ranging 4-30 lbs (2-13 kgs)

AIR 2 sizing: XS 10-13 inches, S 13-17 inches, M 17-20 inches, L 20-23 inches


  • Ventilated side panels for cooling
  • Adjustable dual side pockets
  • Sternum strap with avalanche whistle clip
  • Wide Base to accommodate your pet and its tail
  • Updated Side Mesh
  • New Side and Back Cinch Straps
  • Updated Shoulder Strap Design (No More Popping Off Chest Clips) 
  • Fur Flap (No more zipping your dog's hair in the bag)
  • Adjustable Collar Enclosure

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All K9 Sport Sack carriers are specially developed under the close direction of animal professionals, veterinarians, dog trainers, and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe, and strong.

Customer Reviews

Based on 416 reviews
Stephanie Dabrowski
Love our new form of transportation

Ivy is getting used to the pack. She is a teacup and I bought the xs but I still have to put a towel in the bottom to booster her a bit or else her legs don’t stay out. I look forward to our summer outings and bike rides. Great quality. Highly recommend


So far my 14 year old dachshund loves this. She fights me a bit when I’m putting her in it but she loves that she can join me on my walks again.

Clever, efficient, secure and well built

This bag is a gem, it's easy to get my dog inside (in fact he loves it) its easy on the shoulder, it's very stable (I use it when walking and biking) and they are a lot of clever little details like the capability to fix the dog either by the collar or by the back when using an harness.
My dog is 8,5 kg and it's quite easy to put it on my shoulders alone, without any help (I'm 63)
This bag is a gem, the only drawback is that it gives me the desire of a Knavigate.

Pardon my.. creative.. English i'm French

Small Pup, Big Adventures!

My pupper is an 11lb, 2yo Chihuahua/MinPin/some mutt stuff. He's very hyperactive and loves car rides but can't keep himself balanced or wants to sit still to watch the scenery pass by.

Since I got him the sport pack, it didn't take a lot of training to get him to like the pack. He gets to be tall and get the wind in his face for bike rides and generally pretty calm because of the vantage point he gets.

Generally he stays secure but has wriggled out because of the strain. I don't blame the pack for this since Prince gets very excited if he goes somewhere he likes or sees another dog. Just for those with energetic puppies, its a better idea to use a harness and safety carabineer rather than collar and carabineer.

Otherwise, super recommend, he's comfy and has a good time.

European Travel Essential

Mango and I recently traveled around Europe together and I cannot imagine doing the trip without the Air2! It was a last minute find and purchase, so we did not have time to acclimate before the trip, but boy did we acclimate quickly. Mango loves her backpack! For as long as we've been together, we walk a lot. It use to be at least 5-7 miles a day, but she's about 12 and it's more like 2-3 miles now. I knew there would be days that would be too much for her to walk, so took a chance on the pack. It worked perfectly. Not only for when she was tired, but for getting into churches, sites and stores that do not allow dogs, metros, and a life saver to be hands free when boarding trains. When she wasn't enjoying the higher perspective and view, Mango would nap in the pack and then be ready for more walking after the break. It was quick and easy to put her in the pack on church steps, train stations, seats on a moving train, benches, cafe chairs, even just from the ground. I kept the Air2 in my daypack--a sling I could pull around to the front when she was on my back-- and always had it handy. Mango was a big hit, bringing smiles to so many people too. I also recommend the springer water bottle which was especially helpful on the planes. You can see more photos at