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Dog Backpack Carriers for Biking

Your Backpack Style

K9 Sport Sack AIR 2

Biking Performance - Pros

This K9 Sport Sack AIR 2 is graded for beginner to intermediate activities.

Ventilated side panels mean your pup gets an excellent breezy airflow to keep them cool while you do all the work pedaling.

Quickly zip in and out with the fur flap enclosure to keep doggo’s hair from getting caught (ouch!). 

Extra water bottles are right where you can easily access them from dual side pockets.

Feel extra secure when you lean forward on your handlebars with the sternum strap keeping your K9 Sport Sack fastened evenly across your body. The additional lumbar support on your puppo’s back will keep him from moving too much while you bike, too.

Biking Performance - Cons

This pack lacks the storage needed for arduous bike rides.

With a max weight limit of 30 pounds, pups larger than that will need a Sport Sack model suitable for their size.

The AIR 2 is made to be light, so this particular Sport Sack does not include a waist strap. If you want the extra security to keep your pack in place while you cycle the pavement or bike trails, you might consider the KNAVIGATE or the KOLOSSUS.


The AIR 2 is stellar, lightweight pack for leisurely biking with your pup. If you’re looking for the ability to carry more than just water bottles and protein bars on your trip, you may want to consider a model with more storage. Or... go biking with a buddy who wants to carry your extra supplies in exchange for all the adoring looks you’re sure to receive for biking with your dog on your back.


K9 Sport Sack PLUS 2

Biking Performance - Pros

With the included storage pouch and room for food and supplies, you and your best fur friend can hit the bike for an all-day adventure.

The extra storage pouch adds an extra layer of protection and back stability for your dog, so your pup stays firmly in place while you bike.

Dual side pockets are the perfect place to store extra water or snacks.

Side ventilation panels keep your pup feeling the breeze.

Thick, padded, wide shoulder straps keep the weight of your dog evenly distributed across your back while you pedal.

The padded back of the PLUS 2 reduces chafing from the bike peddling movement.

Quickly get your puppo in and out of the pack for breaks on your bike ride with the fur flap closure and the adjustable collar enclosure.

Biking Performance - Cons

This pack has storage, but if you’re looking for something you can stick your laptop in for your commute or you’re needing multiple storage compartments, one of our larger packs will be more desirable.

Check out the KNAVIGATE or KOLOSSUS if your pup is over the max weight of 40 pounds for this pack.

This pack is made with comfort in mind! Padded shoulder straps, a padded back panel, and the chest strap keep your pack firmly secure to your body. If you feel more secure with a waist strap, one of our other models may be better suited for you.


C'mon, let's go biking! The PLUS 2 is the pack for your back and pup. If your trail riding in the mountains or cycling through the city - this thing has just enough storage fur your all-day adventures.



Biking Performance - Pros

You get all the support and stability you need to carry your pup on your more intense bike rides. The internal metal frame is the foundation for stabilization. Add the wide shoulder straps with padding, the sternum clip, and a lap belt with hip pockets to feel all the support you can ask for in a biking pack for your pup. 

Pups up to 50 pounds can hit the bike paths in this pack.

Enjoy the ample storage space at the bottom of the KNAVIGATE.

Water, snacks, and gear are right where you need them with dual side pockets.

Biking Performance - Cons

Your XL dog fits in this pack, but she’s also invading the available storage space. Small pups get all the storage this pack offers, while larger dogs decrease the amount of storage space.

Rated for 50 pounds, the KNAVIGATE will not hold larger pups. They will need to size up to our KOLOSSUS pack to fit dogs up to 80 pounds.


There’s never been a more prepared and equipped biking pair than your pup and you when using the KNAVIGATE while you bike! You’ve got your room for gear. You’ve got comfort and stability for your body. And you’ve got experiences awaiting you and your man’s (or woman’s) best friend!


K9 Sport Sack KOLOSSUS

Biking Performance - Pros

Adjustable height shoulder straps mean this bag will fit you perfectly, no matter how tall you are!

Get the weight distributed evenly across your body with the interior metal frame, padded shoulder straps, chest clip, and lap belt.

Enjoy all the space you need with multiple storage packs and additional storage loops attached to the bottom of the pack. Go on a quick ride or a multi-day cycling adventure and have all the supplies packed with your pup.

Your dog is sure to be comfortable no matter the weather on your ride with the venting sides, detachable rain/sun hood, and the extra lumbar support straps that fit snuggly across his back. 

“Leave no trace” dog owners have the privilege of always being prepared for a doggy dump, so you’ll enjoy ready-to-use poop bags stored right in your lap belt for easy access.

Big dog owners are happy there is finally a pack to fit their XXL pup up to 80 pounds!

With a few steps, easily convert the KOLOSSUS into a 60L pack you can carry without your pup if you ever choose to venture out alone (but why would you?!). 

Biking Performance - Cons

We know this is the pack of all bike riding backpacks for dogs… unfortunately, not all dogs can enjoy it. Pups under 20 pounds and over 80 pounds don’t fit in this pack.

If speed is the goal for your ride, this pack may hinder your performance just a tad because of the size. We’re not claiming an aerodynamic advantage with this one!


The G.O.A.T. dog owner (that’s you) knows they need the G.O.A.T. pack (the KOLOSSUS) for carrying the G.O.A.T. dog (that’s your pup). This pack has it all--storage, durability, comfort, and safety! You love biking and adventuring with your best fur friend. This rugged design will keep him safe while still keeping up his favorite hobby at heart: exploring new places on two wheels!


Your Biking Personality

The Mountain Biker


You crave adrenaline that comes from intense mountain trails

The mountains are your sacred place

Your gear can withstand wear and tear from the trail

Your Biking Personality

The Mountain Biker is an unstoppable force in nature. You’re covering distance, overcoming elevation changes, and you care that your pup gets to experience the reverence of the mountains with you. We can appreciate that you don't give a damn about excuses when it comes time for adventures. Whatever it takes - that’s your motto. And if you’re going to go barreling down the mountain on a double black diamond with your dog on your back (because you’re obviously insane), please put a helmet on your pup, too!

Which Bag is Better for You?

Built for your demanding adventures, both the KNAVIGATE and the KOLOSSUS are sufficient for storage and safety on rough bike trails.

The KNAVIGATE includes storage, but your bigger pups invade the availability of space.

No matter the distance or duration, the KOLOSSUS has all the storage you’ll need for you and your dog to have your supplies for camping during your mountain bike overnighter.

These two packs are both designed with support and weight distribution in mind. They include the interior metal frame, padded shoulder straps, chest clip, and adjustable lap belts (which are recommended for you wreckless Maverick types). The KOLOSSUS takes it a step further with adjustable shoulder straps.

As much as you love your pup, mountain trail riding with them can sometimes be a pain in the ass. If you’re taking a solo trip, easily convert the KOLOSSUS into a 60L pack and go anywhere you desire… without your pup…. (who will be at home with the saddest puppy dog eyes ever because you left her).

Caveats & Things to Consider

The KNAVIGATE is a stellar bag, but you may not be able to fit all your necessities for longer trails - especially if your large pup has a large appetite.

The KOLOSSUS has it ALL - but maybe it has too much for your more leisurely day-to-day mountain bike trails.

The KNAVIGATE fits XS-XL pups up to 50 pounds, while the KOLOSSUS fits L-XXL pups up to 80 pounds. The size of your dog can make this choice clear.

The Bike Commuter


Biking is your preferred method of transportation

Your pack will be used often, possibly even daily

Every day is “bring your pup to work” day at your office

Your Biking Personality

The Bike Commuter is a dog owner on the go. You ride your bike more than you drive your car (if you even have one), and you don’t want to leave your furry friend behind. You’re looking for something easy to use. Some of you may want utility over fashion, while others are more interested in how your pack looks. You’re attentive on your bike, always ensuring the road ahead is safe. You need a pack that moves with you while you ride.

Which Bag is Better for You?

The URBAN 2 combines city chic with functionality. You can choose from multiple patterns and styles, and the touch of leather adds the perfect finish.

XS pups will love riding your bike with you in the URBAN 2 pack because, well, they fit in it! Size S - L pups will work in either pack.

The plus side to the PLUS 2 is the storage. If you need to bring along items for your cycling commute, this pack has that extra space. 

Both packs have ultra-versatile dual side pockets that will fit a few smaller items for your commute.

The PLUS 2 pack will suit you zippy riders considerably well with the additional storage pack lumbar support for your pup. Keep your pup moving with you while you cycle.

Caveats & Things to Consider

Your XS pup will need to find a different ride if you choose the PLUS 2 (so don’t choose the PLUS 2 for your XS dog).

The URBAN 2 is excellent for light packers. The only storage you have is the dual side pockets. 

While you can take your pup for a leisurely bike ride in the URBAN 2, this pack doesn’t boast all the sport and rugged features of the PLUS 2. It lacks the full mesh side ventilation and the lumbar supporting storage pack that keeps your pup cool and stable on more challenging routes.

The Spandex Road Warrior


You’re hittin’ the pavement for exercise and training

Speed (obviously) matters

At your speeds, quality is vital to your pup’s safety

Your Biking Personality

The zippy day cycler is all about getting your heart rate up, taking in the fresh air, and pushing the limits of your body. You are biking for training. You crave the feeling of effort, and you don’t want your pup to miss out on the experience with you. You’re agile when you’re on your bike, and you need a biking pack for your dog that will move with you around sharp bends and corners.

Which Bag is Better for You?

Bikers who are new to packing a pup on their back, and adventurers who don’t want any bells and whistles, will love our TRAINER pack. The minimalist design means you zip your pup in and you’re ready to go.

With the chest strap on the PLUS 2and the AIR 2, you’ll feel extra security as you lean to your handlebars and your pack stays comfortably in place with your pedaling movement.

The convertible feature of the PLUS 2 storage pack allows you to use the storage pack when the need arises for extra space or remove it when the need isn’t there. If you want your pup to have extra lumbar support, leave the storage pack on your pack.

The PLUS 2 includes padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel for a little extra comfort and reduced chaffing from the movement of your body while pedaling. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

The PLUS 2 and AIR 2 packs are designed to be lightweight. That means you’ll lose out on some of the comfort features in comparison to the PLUS 2.

With the interior metal frame in Your XS pup doesn’t fit the PLUS 2,but the TRAINER and the AIR 2 do!

The TRAINER is used best for leisurely bike rides on paved roads. While it will keep your pup stable and secure, it doesn’t include the same stability features such as the additional lumbar support strap on the AIR 2 or the storage pack support on the PLUS 2.

For larger pups, you’ll need the KOLOSSUS. With an interior metal frame and a waist belt, it’s not a pack that is made for speed and aerodynamics in mind. Speed cycling with your larger pup will definitely slow you down.

The Boardwalk Biking Beauty


You bike to enjoy effortless body movement

Your pup is your favorite accessory

You want your pack to be more minimalist and compact

Your Biking Personality

Bicycling with your furry companion most likely takes place on the beach boardwalk or through a paved nature trail. You’re not in athletic clothes because you’re not working up a sweat, but you’re clearly rockin’ some awesome kicks. Being outdoors is literally a breath of fresh air for you, but it’s not your main hobby. Your sweet pup is always with you, and their style is second to none, too. You’ve thought about or even tried biking with your pup in a bike basket, but you want your pooch to be safe and secure. Feeling the sea breeze is an experience you both enjoy!

Which Bag is Better for You?

Be prepared for your bike ride with the extra storage space the PLUS 2 offers. Never hit the boardwalk or bike path without extra SPF, lip balm, hair accessories to get your hair from your face, and maybe even your Instax camera for a selfie with your puppo on the beach. The storage pack will fit food for your pup and your wallet for you to stop at the nearest food truck during your ride!

If fashion and style are your primary considerations when choosing your bag, the URBAN 2 will rock your socks off. With multiple colors and patterns to choose from, one is sure to stand out! 

Caveats & Things to Consider

The URBAN 2 is a perfect choice and a perfect fit for extra small pups who ride in style. It’s rated for XS - L pups, while the PLUS 2 is rated for S - L.

The stability and comfort you need for a more strenuous bike ride are definitely found in the PLUS 2 when compared to the URBAN 2. The PLUS 2 offers your pup additional support across their back with the added storage pack lumbar support.

Your Dog's Needs

Large Size Dog Biking Backpacks


Ideal for heavy or tall dogs

Extra storage for gear & snacks

You demand the best craftsmanship for your gear

Balancing What You Want & What Your Dog Needs

We know your type. You’re the “big dog” lover, and we love that about you. When comparing these two K9 Sport Sacks, the size of your dog may make this decision for you. Because the KOLOSSUS is our only backpack for dogs up to 80 pounds, this could be the bag you need based on pup weight alone. If you need the most storage possible, the KOLOSSUS is the clear choice on that, too. Both of these bags address your dogs’ needs. Unless your dog runs hot, then the KOLOSSUS offers a bit more side ventilation than the KNAVIGATE. The KOLOSSUS is also convertible to a 60L hiking pack, so it works for you even when your pup can’t join in on the experience.  

Features & Benefits of Each Bag

Both bags include ample storage for your gear, food, and water and are ideal bags for long outings and camping trips

The KNAVIGATE and the KOLOSSUS packs both offer comfort, support, and safety features for you and your dog including an interior frame, extra wide and padded supportive shoulder straps, a chest clip, and a lap belt.

Enjoy the versatility of the ability to convert the KOLOSSUS into a 60L hiking pack.

The adjustable shoulder heights on the KOLOSSUS is perfect for puppy owners who are short, tall, or anything in between.

For you heavy packers, the additional storage loops on the KOLOSSUS are a game-changer. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

If you want something with a little smaller footprint, the KNAVIGATE has more of a minimalist design in comparison to the KOLOSSUS.

Larger pups will take up the coveted storage space in the KNAVIGATE pack.

The KNAVIGATE pack fits XS - XL up to 50 pounds, while the KOLOSSUS is a pack for larger dogs size L - XXL and up to 80 pounds.


Medium Size Dog Biking Backpacks


Ideal for average size dogs

Perfect for pups and owners on the move

You demand the best craftsmanship of your gear

Balancing What You Want & What Your Dog Needs

You’re a minimalist and all of these extra pockets and straps are getting in your way when you try out the KNAVIGATE And PLUS 2. But then, when you’re out on the trail, your dog is hungry and thirsty and you couldn’t pack any supplies in the TRAINER bag. Maybe you want minimal design, but your dog needs to have some extra supplies on the trail. Or maybe you’re just going on a scenic ride and your doggo wants a lift. You don’t need the big, metal-framed KNAVIGATE bag. You want something easy to throw in the trunk of your car and grab for your last-minute quick rides. Then the TRAINER and the PLUS 2 are the packs that fit both your needs. Your pup doesn’t want to miss out because you don’t keep a big pack with you at all times. Knowing the types of rides you’re planning on taking with your pup will make this decision pretty clear.

Features & Benefits of Each Bag

The TRAINER is great for really easy rides and is easy to store in your car for quick access.

The PLUS 2 offers storage space, body and comfort support for both of you, and a more secured ride for your pup for longer and more strenuous rides.

The KNAVIGATE really sets you both up for strenuous, energy-exerting, multi-day rides with the additional storage, interior metal frame, comfort straps, chest clip, and lap belt. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

The KNAVIGATE is definitely a larger pack with an interior metal frame, so it’s a bit more difficult to store.

The TRAINER is meant to be basic, so you’re missing out on some of the comfort perks in comparison to the other packs.

Both the TRAINER lacks storage space for extra gear and a protein bar or two for the trail or path.


Puppy & Small Size Dog Biking Backpacks


Perfect to leave room for your puppy to grow

Secure and snug fit for small dogs

You demand the best craftsmanship of your gear

Balancing What You Want & What Your Dog Needs

Above all, your pup needs to be safe. We know these little dogs can be fragile, so choosing the right pack to keep your tiny puppo secure and snug is the priority. Both the TRAINER and the KNAVIGATE have your XS small pup covered for a good, snug fit. If you’re worried about biking around with the added weight of the pack, your dog, and supplies, the KNAVIGATE has excellent weight distribution. If you are mostly just looking for something that’s easy to store in the trunk of your car so you’ll always have it, the TRAINER and the PLUS 2 will keep you ready to bike at a moments notice!

Features & Benefits of Each Bag

For avid bikers with small dogs, the KNAVIGATE will give you tons of storage as well as all the biking comfort perks like padded shoulder straps, an interior metal frame, a chest clip, and the lap belt.

Casual bikers will enjoy the simplicity of the TRAINER.

The PLUS 2 is a perfect middle-ground bag. The storage is great to have, but you can also easily remove the extra storage pouch for a more minimalist footprint. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

The KNAVIGATE is the Big Daddy of biking backpacks for your little dog, but the metal frame makes it a bit overkill to use day-to-day.

The TRAINER keeps your pup safe, but you won’t be able to pack any additional gear in here. You’ll need to stay off the more challenging roads and trails, too. This pack is made more for flat paved paths and easy routes.

The PLUS 2 is too big for your tiny pups since it doesn’t fit a size XS dog.