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K9 Sport Sack® Knavigate


The Knavigate is a combination of all the best features from K9 Sport Sack’s backpack dog carriers. Available in the widest range of sizes, XS-XL, this carrier works for small through large dogs. Each size is equipped with an internal frame as well as a padded hip belt to comfortably support more dogs/owners of all body types. The Knavigate was made for the most avid adventurers and allows for longer, more strenuous activities with your dog.

For Dogs Ranging 4-50 lbs (2-23 kgs)

Knavigate sizing from the collar to the base of the tail: XS 10-13 inches, S 13-17 inches, M 17-20 inches, L 20-23 inches, XL 23-26 inches

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  • Sizing from XS to XL!
  • Lap Belt on all sizes
  • Hip Pockets
  • Storage Pocket extending underneath the Pet Base to Bottom of Frame
  • Dog Lumbar Support Straps

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All K9 Sport Sack carriers are specially developed under the close direction of animal professionals, veterinarians, dog trainers, and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe, and strong.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 141 reviews

    For my Frenchie, who loves to do hiking with me, it is a must have now for all our adventures!
    I was a bit sceptic about the ventilation whe she in, especially during warmer weather but it turned out great. My Frenchie enjoys the ride in it what it the most important ! But also for me, this backpack is very comfortable to wear.

    Calling all long legged dogs, who just want to be carried

    My dog broke his front leg at daycare, and was very limited in terms of time allowed to walk for three months, following his surgery. He also doesn’t like to be left alone. We don’t like to leave them behind! I ended up with the large size because even though he’s 23 pounds, his legs are freakishly long as is his torso. He’s an interesting mix for sure! The first time we put it on him, he tolerated it just like in the videos and pictures. After that, he was a little more resistant- I figured out a way to do the load him more easily that I don’t see on the site so sharing here. On the ground, I got his paws through the front holes, clipped the strap near his collar, and then picked him up onto my chest, zipping him up only while he was leaning into my chest (in other words, gravity on my side). Then when zipped up, turned him around to my back. Worked very well. Granted he is not that heavy.

    Austin Wendorff
    Great product

    Absolutely amazing product my dog fits comfortably and she loves it. It's very comfortable to wear we ride motorcycles 200+miles some trips and it puts these bags to the there limits it holds very secure to her and me and I have all the confidence I need to keep her and myself safe while we ride and I have the large so the storage is a little smaller I can fit her leash a couple bottles of
    water a collapsible bowl no problem and the little pocket for mess bags and another for maybe a few treats on the waist is a nice touch

    Victoria Pelletier
    LOVE our K9 Backpacks!!

    We have had two backpacks (increased the size as our puppy grew) - he loves being in there and on the bike and having his ears flap in the wind! It's a great way for us to get around and have him explore new places with us!

    Deuce’s Review

    Hi, I’m Deuce! I’m a 13 year old, rescue, about 30 lbs, and recently had a 1.5 lb lipoma removed. I love to go on adventures but can’t keep up like I used to. The K9 Knavigate has alleviated my parents’ worry about leaving me behind. I get to go everywhere and they can pack all of snacks, water, and any other diddies we need! I highly recommend the Knavigate for any families wanting to go on adventures with long walks, crowds, rough terrain, or just want to hitch a ride with mom/dad. It took some getting used to at first. Mom really helped with putting treats in it at the beginning, gave me more as I started hopping in it, and kept encouraging me that I’d like it. Now that I realize it means we’re going on an adventure, I get the zoomies when they grab my bag and start packing it!