A dog is carefully zipped up in a K9 Sport Sack backpack carrier
A dog is zipped up in a K9 Sport Sack backpack carrier


Safety First.

Each model of the K9 Sport Sack was carefully crafted under the direction of multiple veterinarians and dog trainers. However, no dog or breed is the same in terms of weight, body type, current health, and other distinguishing factors. To ensure the K9 Sport Sack is right for your dog, please read more.

Safety Features

All K9 Sport Sack Backpack Carriers are equipped with six standard safety features.


Carabiner Collar Clip

Use this to clip to your dog's collar, securing your pet inside your backpack carrier. It will prevent your pup from climbing out.

Collar Enclosure

Buckling and tightening this around your dogs neck will ensure your dog doesn't force itself up and out of the bag and helps prevent leaning as well. Be sure to tighten this enough.

Angled Side Cinch Straps

These two straps are found on the upper sides of all K9 Sport Sack carriers. They help tighten the material around your dog, keeping he/she close to your shoulders and preventing your pet from leaning backwards.

No-Slip Zipper

Once the main zipper is zipped it will lock in place so that no weight or pressure will force it back open.

Zipper Loop

The main loop on the zipper functions as a safety precaution mechanism to ensure your zipper remains zipped while your pet is in the carrier. Simply thread the collar enclosure buckle through the loop once zipped.

Side Ventilation

It is important that your pet's temperature is regulated while in a carrier. The mesh side panels allow for airflow to keep your dog comfortable.

"Will it hurt my baby dog's back?"

A question we get asked all the time. Short answer: as long as your dog is healthy, you are using the safety feature, and the carrier is being worn correctly, our carriers have not been associated with negative health issues.

Each model of the K9 Sport Sack® was carefully crafted under the direction of multiple veterinarians and dog trainers. However, we recommend consulting your vet if your dog has any pre-existing conditions. During the consultation, share with your vet that your dog may "stand" on the base of the bag at first, but will quickly settle in and sit in an upright position on their bottom in a "begging" position with their front paws exposed and resting on your shoulders. 

Our Lawyer Made Us Add This

The K9 Sport Sack® is not prescribed for any injury, ailment, or other infirmity. While the K9 Sport Sack® has been approved by veterinarians for use by all breeds, various breeds have anatomical differences that may require increased vigilance, decreased riding time, changes in positioning or size of carrier.

If your dog has any of the following conditions, do not purchase any K9 Sport Sack® carrier without first consulting your veterinarian: Back injuries, neck injuries, abdominal injuries, chest injuries, heart conditions, lung conditions, glaucoma, within the healing period after an orthopedic surgery or within 24 hours of any surgery that required sedation.

Please do not attempt any activity at which you are not proficient and possess the strength to do so. K9 Sport Sack® accepts no liability for any injury or death, either yours or your pets caused by accident or misuse of the K9 Sport Sack®.

Do not use the K9 Sport Sack® for extended time periods in extreme weather conditions. This includes hot or cold temperatures. Please remember to keep your dog hydrated and fed and cease use immediately if your dog exhibits any signs of overheating.