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Brandon D
My life wouldn't be the same without these bags!!

I love these bags so much! Twice, they've ripped at the lowest seam where the bag attaches to the waist/shoulder straps. With that said, I use these bags way more aggressively than most people. And both times they broke were when I fell off of the snowmobile into the snow (at slow speeds! No injuries!). They hold up fine when I'm not faceplanting with my 60lbd dog. They've never broke on a motorcycle ride. So I only hold myself responsible for the breaks and I keep just buying more! Maybe the next version can be military grade or something?! Even if not, thank you so much for making these!!!

Love my buddy

We had a K9 when our guy was little and he grew out of it. I love taking him everywhere with us. And now we are back at it this backpack. Love this brand. Love the look. Love my my puppy 💚💚

Worth The Price For My Pup!

I ordered this Kolossus/Rover 2 backpack carrier for my 65lb Standard Bernedoodle, so I can taking onto NYC subway. Although she is only 65lb, her size almost exceeds the max capacity of the XXL size. I was a little worried and hesitant when I first tried to get her in to the bag. It was not easy at the first time as she didn't like to sit or lay on the backpack. However, the more we practiced, my dog gets easier with the backpack. We were in NYC for about 2 days and my dog had absolutely no issue in the bag while on subway! It was amazing that I could taking my dog around in the city! The backpack is durable while my dog feels comfy in it. I appreciate such design for large breed pups! It definitely saves my life as a large breed dog lover who always wants to bring the pup in the city! And K9 Sport Sack Team is super supportive about providing the instruction videos for their customers! Thank you!


Bought this bag so that my old girl can still enjoy the outdoors even with her arthritis. I went one size larger than necessary so that she has extra room, but I don't think it was necessary. I make it work though. So far, she seems to be enjoying it.

Mariah Thurston
Best purchase ever

We purchased the Klearance Rover 2 with water resistance for our 13 year old puggle so he could continue to hike with us. Although he can handle some hills and rough terrain, his hips can only take about 3 miles before he needs to rest. The Rover 2 gave our bub the freedom to hike and summit with us again. We recently climbed a 1500 footer with mostly vertical climb and our bub loved his ride up!

We also find the pack extremely convenient when he's tired at family gatherings and just wants to ride around, taking him bike riding, or even when he wants to be close while we do chores.

We can't wait for more adventures and certainly look forward to customizing our Rover 2 with patches to showcase our wonderful bub's personality!

Thank you, K9 Sports Pack!