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Our Story

Dear Fellow Animal Lovers 

Joseph Watson here, inventor of the K9 Sport Sack®: The Original Forward-Facing Backpack Dog Carrier.

According to the best historians, early man domesticated the dog so we could throw him/her in a backpack and go on a quest for maximum action and merriment.  Who are we to go against the words of the experts?  Yes, we created the K9 Sport Sack® because academia mandated it but also because we truly have loved taking our pets hiking, biking, cycling, skiing, snowboarding, shopping and larping and we truly want to share that possibility with humans and dogs all over the world. 

No more leaving your best friend behind

The K9 Sport Sack® has found its way onto owner’s backs all over the world and we are more than thrilled to share these amazing possibilities with all our fellow pet lovers. Every time we see pictures or videos of customers having a blast in a K9 Sport Sack® it makes our day.

Follow us on Instagram, Facebook and YouTube for new adventure ideas and please share your photos and videos with us! Nothing makes us smile more.  


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