K9 Sport Sack | Affiliate Program


People are going to ask where you got your K9 Sport Sack.  Why not get paid for just telling them where?  Join our affiliate program and get rich!  (Well, maybe not rich.   But comfortably well-off.)


How does it work?

  • Click the "Join Here" link above and follow the prompts.
  • Once your application is reviewed you'll get your own discount code from our affiliate rep to share.
  • Wear your K9 Sport Sack 25 hours a day, 8 days a week and carry your code everywhere.
  • Feel like a celebrity as people chat you up and take pictures.
  • Hand out your code like halloween candy.
  • Your fans get a discount and you get coin.  7.5% of each sale to be exact.
  • Buy a lap pool and fill it with crisp dollar bills and take your dog swimming.
  • Simple as that.
Have questions? 
Email affiliate@k9sportsack.com
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