Frenchie Lovers - K9 Sport Sack

Frenchie Lovers! 

New Adventures Await! 

If your Frenchie is anything like ours, sometimes they run out of steam
while out on an adventure.

Luckily, the K9 Sport Sack has your back. Literally.

For French Bulldogs, here is the carrier we recommend!

The Air 2
The Plus 2

How Does the K9 Sport Sack Work?

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As all Frenchie lovers know, French 
bulldogs have a unique body type. 

With their broad shoulders and
deep chests, full grown French Bulldogs
typically fit a size Large with 1 or 2 booster blocks.

General Sizes Based on Weight
5-19 pounds: Size Sm. Air 2/Plus 2
20-24 pounds: Size Med. Air 2/Plus 2
25-30 pounds: Size Lg. Air 2/Plus 2
31-40 pounds: Size Lg. Plus 2

If you have a puppy or your dog is between sizes, size up, and add a
booster block or two to the bottom of the
carrier while your dog is growing.

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Find booster blocks here.

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