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K9 Sport Sack - The Original Forward Facing Backpack Dog Carrier

Do you have a small dog? Do you find yourself wishing you had a way to take your dog with you on cool adventures? Even worse, do you find yourself staying at home because you don't want to leave your dog while you adventure?  We did too so we created the K9 Sport Sack Backpack Dog Carrier.

With the K9 Sport Sack, taking your dog anywhere to do anything is now possible. Take your best friend on bike rides, motorcycle rides, hikes, walks, shopping and any other adventure you can think of.

We love taking our dog nearly everywhere but often found ourselves leaving her behind on outings we felt she couldn't keep up.  Worse still, we knew she would enjoy being with us which made the adventures a little less fun.  We looked everywhere for a safe, comfortable product that would allow us to easily bring her along but with no luck, we took the solution into our own hands.

We hope that we haven't just created a product but also new and rewarding experiences for you and your best friend. The K9 Sport Sack was designed as a forward facing backpack carrier because we wanted your dog to see and experience what you do while hanging its head out of the biggest window ever.  Whether that’s going on a bike ride, walking around the city, hiking up a mountain or simply enjoying an afternoon, you never have to leave your dog behind or worry about you or your dog's comfort while on the go. You’re sure to turn a few heads as well!

We designed the K9 Sport Sack with three goals in mind: safety, comfort and ease of use.  That is why we are ecstatic to bring you this amazing small dog carrier.  Whatever adventure you and your dog plan to go on, rest assured that you are your dog will travel with comfort and style without sacrificing quality and easy usage.

K9 Sport Sack Pet Carrier Features

  1. MATERIAL: The AIR is constructed of Cordura Material which was specifically chosen for its breathability and durability as well as its ability to stay cooler than other materials in direct sunlight.
  2. REST PAD: The rest pad in the bottom is thicker and stiffer than the average backpack.  This is to ensure that your passenger rides high with a straight back for ergonomic support.
  3. ZIPPER AND ZIPPER LOOP: The zipper is equipped with a loop through which the top clips insert to ensure that the zipper stays securely at the top. Your AIR comes equipped with a sport grade SBS zipper that was chosen to ensure the safest possible enclosure.
  4. LUMBAR SUPPORT STRAPS AND ZIPPER ENCLOSURES: These straps travel across the zipper for the dual purpose of a. to ensuring the dog’s back is upright, the bag is secured as snugly as possible to limit movement and improve the dog’s mood by “swaddling” and b. as a safety precaution in case of zipper malfunction.  These straps can also be used to carry additional equipment that can be clipped onto the straps or rolled up inside the straps on longer hikes
  5. SAFETY RING: The top of the bag is equipped with a “D” ring to clip onto the dog’s collar. This acts as a failsafe against dogs who struggle to exit the bag thought the collar and other bag malfunctions.  It is critical that your dog is fastened to this ring for the safety of both the human and the dog. 
  6. COLLAR ENCLOSURE: When this buckle is fastened and cinched to the correct tightness with the legs out the leg openings your dog should be securely fastened inside the bag.
  7. STRAPS: The AIR straps are designed to be lightweight, durable and breathable with a form fitting neck space for maximum comfort and reflective tubing for visibility.
  8. STERNUM STRAP: The sternum strap is adjustable for varying chest sizes and comes equipped with an orange avalanche whistle that can be used in emergency rescue situations.
  9. HANGING LOOP: This loop is provided so the bag can hang in situations that are not ideal for placing the bag on the floor I.E. bathrooms or muddy ground.
  10. ARM OPENINGS: These openings are what truly make the K9 Sport Sack unique and allow the human and dog to adventure as one. We wanted your dog to have the maximum amount of fun and control without being able to affect the balance or comfort of the carrier.  These openings allow the dog to maintain his/her balance, control the ability to see over your shoulder and for maximum security in the bag.  Some dogs may choose to pull their arms inside the openings which is completely normal. 
  11. STORAGE POCKETS: These pockets are provided for the convenience of carrying a water bottle, phone, keys or any other necessary accessory. These pockets are equipped with a cinch strap for securing any items contained within.
  12. MESH VENTS: These vents are designed to allow the maximum airflow to keep your passenger from overheating. Despite K9 Sport Sack’s best efforts these vents will only keep your dog cool for so long so we recommend that your dog not stay in the bag for any more than 45 continuous minutes and that you provide at least 15 minutes of a break between reentering the bag.  For additional cooling options please view our cooling pads and jackets at k9sportsack.com/shop. 
  13. ADDITIONAL SIZING/COMFORT STRAPS: These straps are included to allow the AIR to accommodate as many sizes of dog as possible. For larger dogs the straps may be loosened to maximum capacity and for smaller dogs tightened to accommodate their size.  These straps make the dog feel secure while limiting the distance between your back and the bag so the dog has limited mobility and increased security.
  14. STRETCHY COMFORT MATERIAL: This material is provided because of its cooling, wicking nature as well as its ability to accommodate multiple sizes of dogs.