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Dog Backpack Carriers for Hiking

Which Pack Is Best For Me?

K9 Sport Sack AIR 2

Hiking Performance -Pros

The K9 Sport Sack AIR 2 is rated for beginner to intermediate activities.

Ventilated side panels keep your dog’s body exposed to the outside air so your furry friend’s body can maintain a reasonable temperatures.

Never worry about zipping your dog’s hair or fur up in our uniquely designed fur flap closure zipper (which makes getting your pet pup in and out of the bag a breeze).

Hydration is vital for life; Keep it close with our dual side pockets (one water bottle for you and another for the pooch!).

The chest strap and comfy shoulder pads keep weight evenly distributed helping keep your precious cargo centered in the pack, should you choose to tackle uneven terrain.

Hiking Performance -Cons

Although the AIR 2 is an amazing day pack, it may not be the best choice for the full-day or multi-day adventurer, as you may find it can't tote the water, food, and gear you and your doggo require.

With a max weight limit of 30 pounds, your larger pups will be better suited to hike with you in one of our more oversized bags.

While the shoulder straps are nice and padded, and the chest strap provides stability, this pack does not have a waist strap. If you’re a big comfort hiker and want to distribute some of the weight of your bowow, you might consider the KNAVIGATE or the KOLOSSUS.


The AIR 2 is the way to go for you folks after the nature walk or looking for the view of the sunset with a view just above the city. If you need to carry more than a few waters and a protein bar or two, you may want to consider a different bag (or just hiking with a buddy who will carry some grub for you).


K9 Sport Sack PLUS 2

Hiking Performance -Pros

Fit for an all-day adventure, you can pack all the nourishment and light gear you and your pup need for your day hike in the included storage pouch.

Your pupper will feel extra secure with the added stabilization the removable storage pouch adds.

Keep hydrated and carry a water or two in the easily accessed dual side pockets.

Side ventilation panels and pockets enable airflow to help keep your pup cool and comfortable during your trip.

Relieve the pressure on your shoulders while moving across the terrain with wide, thick, padded shoulder straps.

The padded back of the PLUS 2 reduces chafing and keeps your back nice and cool on the trail.

Quickly get your pup in and out of the pack during your hike. The fur flap prevents catching fur in the zipper, and the adjustable collar enclosure just takes a few seconds to secure.

Hiking Performance -Cons

While the storage space in the PLUS 2 is well utilized for a day hike, it just doesn’t have the space needed to be fully prepared with food and gear for a multi-day adventure.

The max weight limit on this style is 40 pounds, so your big hounds will need one of our larger packs like the KNAVIGATE or KOLOSSUS.

The padded shoulder straps and chest strap provide comfort, but the lack of a waist belt may deter you. If you’re concerned about how evenly the weight from your pack is distributed, one of our models with a waist belt will better suit your needs.


The PLUS 2 is the pack for your back and your pup on a longer hike or an all-day trail. Whether you’re up in the mountains or city hiking it through downtown - this thing has just enough storage fur your adventure!



Hiking Performance -Pros

Stability and support for more strenuous or multi-day hikes are found with this pack. With the internal metal frame, wide and padded shoulder straps, a chest clip, and a lap belt with hip pockets, your body has never felt more support on the trail.

Bring your XL pet doggo in this pack! The KNAVIGATE holds pups up to 50 pounds!

The entire space on the bottom of this pack is dedicated storage for food and gear on the trail.

Keep your water close in the two side pockets - one for you, one for your pup! 

Hiking Performance -Cons

Your XL dog fits in this pack, but he’s also sittin’ on your storage space. The amount of storage in this pack is dependent on the size of your hound, so small dogs allow for more room for packing in comparison to larger pups.

Rated for 50 pounds, your larger dogs will need to size up to our KOLOSSUS pack that holds up to 80 pounds of pooch for your hike.


There’s never been a more stylish and prepared hiking duo than your pup and you when using the KNAVIGATE out on the trail. You’ve got your storage. You’ve got the support for your body. And you’ve got adventure awaiting for man’s (or woman’s) best friend!


K9 Sport Sack KOLOSSUS

Hiking Performance -Pros

Get the support and the fit you need. Adjustable height shoulder straps make this hiking pack a true “one size fits all.” With the ability to adjust where the ultra-padded comfort straps hit on your body, this pack is sized for all hikers short, tall, and in between!

Evenly distribute the weight of your gear and your pup with the combination of comfort shoulder straps, a chest clip, the internal metal frame, and an adjustable lap belt.

Pack all the gear, food, and water you need for a multi-day trail in the multiple storage compartments. Utilize the gear straps on the bottom of the sack for more storage, too.

The side cooling venting zippers, detachable pup sun/rain hood, and the pup lumbar support straps keep your dog riding in comfort and style.

We know you’re a responsible “leave no trace” dog owner who loves carrying around bags of crap on your hike, so you’ll enjoy ready-to-use poop bags stored right in your lap belt for easy access.

Easily convert the KOLOSSUS into a 60L pack with a compartment for a hydro bag to use when your leave your dog home.

Hiking Performance -Cons

We know this is the pack of all hiking backpacks for dogs… unfortunately, not all dogs can enjoy it. Pups under 20 pounds and over 80 pounds don’t fit in this pack.


If you’re looking for the G.O.A.T. hiking backpack for your dog, this is it. It’s got it all. Storage. Durability. Comfort. Safety. Style. And you get to be that dog owner that gives your dog the absolute best of everything, including experiences. Your pup is lucky to have you!


Your Hiking Personality

The Multi-Day Hiker


You hike for multiple days or weeks

You hike moderate & advanced trails & terrain

You expect the best craftsmanship of your gear

Your Hiking Personality

The Multi-Day Hiker is a badass. You’re covering distance. You’re covering elevation changes. You’re picking up dog crap along the way WHILE carrying your dog in your backpack. We can appreciate your no-excuse approach to adventures and doing hard things. 

Which Dog Carrier is Better for You?

Both the KNAVIGATE and the KOLOSSUS are built for multi-day, strenuous hikes.

The KNAVIGATE offers excellent storage, but you’ll lose some of that space if your pup is on the larger side.

The KOLOSSUS has all the storage you’ll need regardless of dog size for a multi-day adventure.

Both offer great stability, support, and weight distribution - metal frames, padded shoulder straps, a chest clip, and an adjustable lap belt.

If you’re on either end of the height spectrum, the KOLOSSUS will rock your socks with the adjustable shoulder straps. Get your perfect fit for your height!

Hikers who plan on leaving puppo behind every so often will love the convertible feature of the KOLOSSUS. When your dog isn’t on the trail with you, this pack converts into a 60L hiking backpack.

Caveats & Things to Consider

The KNAVIGATE is a stellar bag, but it may not have the storage you’ll need for an intense trip - especially with a bigger dog.

The KOLOSSUS is the Mother of All Bags, but it may have unnecessary features for day-to-day easy trail usage.

The KNAVIGATE fits XS-XL pet pups up to 50 pounds, while the KOLOSSUS fits L-XXL pups up to 80 pounds. Your dog’s size may be your deciding factor!

The Concrete Jungle Commuter


You're hiking through the city or on paved trails

You plan to use your pack often

You demand style and quality

Your Hiking Personality

The Jungle Commuter is a dog owner on the go. And you don’t want to leave your furry friend behind! You’re looking for something easy to use. Style is never sacrificed in your wardrobe, and that includes your hiking pack for your doggy. Your pup completes your outfit as your perfect accessory.

Which Dog Backpack is Better for You?

The URBAN 2 offers unique colrs and patterns. And the leather accent adds a touch of city chic to your dog bag.

Your size S - L pup is a perfect fit in either of these bags, and your size XS pup can ride in the URBAN 2.

The plus side to the PLUS 2 is the storage. If you need room in your pack for gear and food, you'll find that in the PLUS 2.

Both hiking pack offer dual side pockets to ensure your puppy and you have storage for hydration and a protein bar or two.

Caveats & Things to Consider

While you can take your doggo on a nature walk in the URBAN 2, this pack doesn’t boast all the comfort features like the full mesh side ventilation of the PLUS 2.

The PLUS 2 is a great pack, but it won’t fit your XS pup.

The URBAN 2 is excellent for light packers. The only storage you have is the dual side pockets.

The Day Hiker: Comfort & Storage


You enjoy longer day hikes

You hike moderate & advanced trails & terrain

You demand the best craftsmanship of your gear

Your Hiking Personality

As the comfort day hiker, you love to get outside! You look for breaks in your schedule that allow you the time to enjoy mother nature with your best pup friend. You care about giving your dog time outdoors, and you make that a priority too. Hiking may be one of your favorite hobbies, but it’s not the only way you like to spend your weekends! 

Which Hiking Dog Carrier is Better for You?

Each backpack offers great storage for your adventures with your dog.

The KNAVIGATE and KOLOSSUS both offer padded shoulder straps, a chest clip, an interior metal frame, and the lap belt to help distribute your dog’s weight more evenly on your body.

The ability to manually adjust the shoulder strap height on the KOLOSSUS may be the deciding factor if you’re a little on the short or tall side of the height spectrum.

The PLUS 2 is the smallest of the three packs, which can be a pro or con depending on what fits your requirements.

Heavy gear packers and snackers are going to like the extra storage of the KOLOSSUS, while light packers will like the more compact size of the PLUS 2

Caveats & Things to Consider

Each of these bags carry a different size rating, so getting the right pack for your dog’s size is something to be considered. 

With the interior metal frame in both the KNAVIGATE and KOLOSSUS, these packs aren’t as collapsible for storage as the PLUS 2

The Day Hiker: Speed & Lightweight


You're hiking for movement and exercise

You don't need a lot of storage space

You demand the best craftsmanship of your gear

Your Hiking Personality

The speedy day hiker is all about getting your heart rate up, your intake of fresh air, and pushing your limits a bit. You are going on this hike for exercise. You like the feeling of exertion, and you don’t want your pup to miss out on the experience with you. You’re agile when you hike, and you need a hiking pack for your pup that will move with you.

Which Backpack is Better for You?

Hikers new to packing their pup on the trail and adventurers who don’t want any bells and whistles will love our TRAINER pack.

The AIR 2 and the PLUS 2 both give you extra security for confident trail maneuvers with the included chest strap.

Be prepared with the PLUS 2 and the extra storage space if you have additional gear or food to bring along on your hike. You can even remove the storage pack if you’d like less bulk to your pack.

Enjoy extra comfort with the PLUS 2 with padded shoulder straps and a padded back panel.

Caveats & Things to Consider

The combination of speed and body comfort for your hiking adventures is found in the PLUS 2, where the AIR 2 and the TRAINER have fewer comfort perks.

The TRAINER and AIR 2 both offer sizing for XS-L pups, while the PLUS 2 will not fit your XS dog.

The TRAINER is used best on flat, easy walking paths and trails. Your pet pup will enjoy the extra security of the AIR 2 and the PLUS 2 for more arduous hikes.

The Fashionista of the Trail


Being stylish matters to you

Your pup is your favorite accessory

You demand the best craftsmanship of your gear

Your Hiking Personality

You’re the Elle Woods of the trail, and your pup is obviously your Bruiser. Hiking to you is more like walking paved nature trails in cute wool socks, lightly used hiking boots, trendy clothes, and, of course, your pup on your back. You’re all about being outdoors and getting fresh air, but you also need to get home for your social event tonight. You’re the person who always has their dog join in on every part of life, and your pup is just as stylish as you. 

Which Bag is Better for You?

With the extra storage the PLUS 2 offers, this bag is the obvious choice for adventurers who like to be prepared with options on the trail - hair accessories to get your hair out of your face, some extra SPF, lip balm, maybe a mirror…. And of course the necessities like food.

If you’re all about style, the leather on the URBAN 2 really sets your pup’s pack apart from all the others. Choosing a style and color that compliments your hiking gear is a true Fashionista of the Trail trait. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

The URBAN 2 is a perfect choice and a perfect fit for small dogs who just can’t keep up on a trail. It’s rated for XS - L pups, while the PLUS 2 is rated for S - L.

The stability and comfort you need for more strenuous hikes are clearly found in the PLUS 2 when compared to the URBAN 2.

Your Dog's Needs

Large Size Dog Hiking Backpacks


Ideal for heavy or tall dogs

Extra storage for gear & snacks

You demand the best craftsmanship for your gear

Balancing What You Want & What Your Dog Needs

We know your type. You’re the “big dog” lover, and we love that about you. When comparing these two K9 Sport Sacks, the size of your dog may make this decision for you. Because the KOLOSSUS is our only hiking backpack for dogs up to 80 pounds, this could be the bag you need based on pup weight alone. If you need the most storage possible, the KOLOSSUS is the clear choice on that, too. Both of these bags address your dogs’ needs. Unless your dog runs hot, then the KOLOSSUS offers a bit more side ventilation than the KNAVIGATE. The KOLOSSUS is also convertible to a 60L hiking pack, so it works for you even when your pup can’t join in on the experience.  

Features & Benefits of Each Bag

Both bags include ample storage for your gear, food, and water and are ideal bags for long outings and camping trips

The KNAVIGATE and the KOLOSSUS packs both offer comfort, support, and safety features for you and your dog including an interior frame, extra wide and padded supportive shoulder straps, a chest clip, and a lap belt.

Enjoy the versatility of the ability to convert the KOLOSSUS into a 60L hiking pack.

The adjustable shoulder heights on the KOLOSSUS is perfect for puppy owners who are short, tall, or anything in between.

For you heavy packers, the additional storage loops on the KOLOSSUS are a game-changer. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

If you want something with a little smaller footprint, the KNAVIGATE has more of a minimalist design in comparison to the KOLOSSUS.

Larger pups will take up the coveted storage space in the KNAVIGATE pack.

The KNAVIGATE pack fits ups XS - XL up to 50 pounds, while the KOLOSSUS is a pack for larger dogs size L - XXL and up to 80 pounds.


Medium Size Dog Hiking Backpacks


Ideal for average size dogs

Perfect for pups and owners on the move

You demand the best craftsmanship of your gear

Balancing What You Want & What Your Dog Needs

You’re a minimalist and all of these extra pockets and straps are getting in your way when you try out the KNAVIGATE And PLUS 2. But then, when you’re out on the trail, your dog is hungry and thirsty and you couldn’t pack any supplies in the TRAINER bag. Maybe you want minimal design, but your dog needs to have some extra supplies on the trail. Or maybe you’re just going on a nature walk and your doggo wants a ride. You don’t need the big, metal-framed KNAVIGATE bag. You want something easy to throw in the trunk of your car and grab for your last-minute quick hikes. Then the TRAINER and the PLUS 2 are the packs that fit both your needs. Your pup doesn’t want to miss out because you don’t keep a big hiking pack with you at all times. Knowing the types of hikes you’re planning on taking with your pup will make this decision pretty clear.

Features & Benefits of Each Bag

The TRAINER is great for really easy walks and is easy to store in your car for quick access.

The PLUS 2 offers storage space, body and comfort support for both of you, and a more secured ride for your pup for longer and more strenuous day hikes.

The KNAVIGATE really sets you both up for strenuous, energy-exerting, multi-day hikes with the additional storage, interior metal frame, comfort straps, chest clip, and lap belt. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

The KNAVIGATE is definitely a larger hiking pack with an interior metal frame, so it’s a bit more difficult to store.

The TRAINER is meant to be basic, so you’re missing out on some of the comfort perks in comparison to the other packs.

Both the TRAINER lacks storage space for extra gear and a protein bar or two for the trail.


Puppy & Small Size Dog Hiking Backpacks


Perfect to leave room for your puppy to grow

Secure and snug fit for small dogs

You demand the best craftsmanship of your gear

Balancing What You Want & What Your Dog Needs

Above all, your pup needs to be safe. We know these little dogs can be fragile, so choosing the right pack to keep your tiny puppo secure and snug is the priority. Both the TRAINER and the KNAVIGATE have your XS small pup covered for a good, snug fit. If you’re worried about hiking around with the added weight of the pack, your dog, and supplies, the KNAVIGATE has excellent weight distribution. If you are mostly just looking for something that’s easy to store in the trunk of your car so you’ll always have it, the TRAINER and the PLUS 2 will keep you ready to hike!

Features & Benefits of Each Bag

For avid hikers with small dogs, the KNAVIGATE will give you tons of storage as well as all the hiking comfort perks like padded shoulder straps, an interior metal frame, a chest clip, and the lap belt.

Easy, short trail hikers will enjoy the simplicity of the TRAINER.

The PLUS 2 is a perfect middle-ground bag. The storage is great to have, but you can also easily remove the extra storage pouch for a more minimalist footprint. 

Caveats & Things to Consider

The KNAVIGATE is the Big Daddy of hiking backpacks for your little dog, but the metal frame makes it a bit overkill to use day-to-day.

The TRAINER keeps your pup safe, but you won’t be able to pack any additional gear in here. You’ll need to stay off the more challenging trails, too. This pack is made more for flat paved paths and easy hikes.

The PLUS 2 is too big for your tiny pups since it doesn’t fit a size XS dog.