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About Dog Goggles

Dog goggles are the perfect addition to any K9 Sport Sack dog carrier for any type of adventure.

Dog goggles are a great addition to any adventure with or without a K9 Sport Sack for so many reasons. Whether you're looking for a high end dog goggle like Rex Specs, or just something casual like our K9 Sport Shades, protecting your dogs eyes is something the average dog owner won't think about, but should.

"Rex Specs were developed simply because our dogs needed eye protection.  We ask a lot of our dogs - days on the trail, hours on the river, and peak upon peak. Both of our dogs were diagnosed with conditions made worse by extended exposure to the sun. After a failed search for a dog goggle that could handle our adventures, we created our own." - The creators of Rex Specs.

Dog goggles have a variety of benefits. The obvious one would be to keep debris, wind and other things out of your dogs eyes that could be damaging and result in multiple injuries. The second benefit of protecting your dogs eyes with goggles is UV rays. Just like humans, dogs eyes are sensitive to sunlight and too much sun can be damaging to your dogs eyes. 

We recommend using dog goggles with the K9 Sport Sack because both debris and UV rays exist while adventuring with your dog.

Checkout these testimonials from rexspecs.com and their customers about their product:

"Let me begin with a huge thank you! Thank you for providing such a radical product! I had been looking for something to protect Camp’s eyes for a while now, and haven’t been pleased with previous products. They really cut down on his field of vision, and aren’t as flexible comfort-wise or durable as I’d like. But then I found you, Rex Specs!

From the 65 mph winds in my open jeep, dust and debris on mountain bike rides, UV protection on the river, or pollen as he hunts critters through the bush on our daily walks, I can now rest assured that my buddy’s eyes are protected and not uncomfortable. Not only do they serve the intended purpose masterfully, they look awesome, too! So thanks, you’ve made two best pals extremely happy."

~ A. Hammer


“Reagan sported his tinted Rex Specs during some tracking training this past weekend. The tinting really helped “R Dog” on a hot, bright, sunny Southern California day.”

“Here’s a real testament as to why you want Rex Specs as opposed another product. We couldn’t get Reagan to leave the other product alone, let alone fall asleep wearing them. These are the best eye protection has to offer for your fur baby. I tried UNSUCCESSFULLY FOR YEARS to get Reagan to wear the other K9 eye protection, and could not get him to stop fighting them. This was mostly because they kept slipping into his eyes. In just under a week, Reagan was happily wearing his Rex Specs. They are well worth the investment.”

~D. Austin

 “Just got our doggles from Rex Specs K9 for our dog Baylor that was just diagnosed with Plasmoma. We had them on him within minutes of getting them with no fight. He gets to go outside and play again, so he's a happy dog. Great product, thank you Rex Specs K9!”

~ Charlie Carpenter

At the end of the day, we want what's best for our dogs. So please make informative decisions and choose the correct products to correlate with your lifestyle and adventures.