Tips and Tricks While Using the K9 Sport Sack


For some dogs and their pawrents, you may need a little extra
help using their K9 Sport Sack. 

No worries!

You aren't alone and it's perfectly
normal needing a little additional help when
using the K9 Sport Sack.

Click on a question below to learn more!

How Do I Get My Dog Into the Carrier?

  • While it may appear to look tricky, getting your dog into the K9 Sport Sack is a breeze!

    With the right method, practice, and a treat or two, you and your dog will soon be on to endless adventures together.

    Scroll through the images to see each safety, sizing, and comfort feature and its description is found below.

How Should I Be Wearing the Carrier?

  • By wearing the bag correctly you will maximize you and your pet’s comfort and experience.

    Scroll through the images to get a good idea of how your dog should look once safely on your back.

How Can I Best Enjoy My K9 Sport Sack?

  • Nothing will help you and your dog get used to the carrier more than practice.

    This will help you and your dog have more success in future adventures together.