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The Rover 2 Dog Carrier

Posted by Joseph Watson on
The Rover 2 Dog Carrier

No Big Dogs Left Behind

K9 Sport Sack released the original version of the Rover in the summer of 2019. This carrier entered the pet market as the first of its kind for big dogs, having the ability to carry up to 80 pounds. The first version came with a a variety of safety and comfort features that made the original Rover one of the most popular carriers in the K9 Sport Sack catalogue. 

With the help of customer feedback, research, and development, the team at K9 is excited to announce the brand new version of the the Rover!

Meet the Rover 2 

The Rover 2 was completely redesigned in overall appearance, construction as well as its functionality. General fabric and materials were upgraded to ensure a more comfortable and safe experience when carrying dogs. The most unique improvement to this new model is the ability of easily transforming from a dog carrier into a 50-60 L backpacking pack. This gives dog owners the ability to use the bag for carrying their dog or their gear. That means that no matter the adventure, you can use the Rover 2 to carry all your precious cargo.

The Rover 2 also kept the features from the original Rover that customers loved while also improving and adding new features. 

New and improved features include: 

  • Durable 300D Ripstop Oxford Polyester Material.
  • Conversion loops allowing the storage bag to seal the top of your backpack and quickly transform it from a dog carrier to a hiking backpack. 
  • Adjustable floating shoulder straps to accommodate for various dog owner torso lengths 
  • Upgraded padding and mesh added to the shoulder straps, back panel, and hip belt to increase backpack structure, comfort, and airflow.
  • Waste bag dispenser on the hip belt pocket for easy access.
  • Fabric-matching hook and loop strip for custom patch capability.
  • Utility webbing loops for securing extra gear.
  • Fur-flap under the main zipper to prevent snagging your pet's fur.

The Rover 2 is available in three sizes, L, XL, and XXL. All sizes will hold up to 80 lbs (36 kg) while the storage capacity varies depending on the size carrier. Size L has 50 liters storage, size XL has 55 liters storage, and size XXL has 60 liters storage. The backpack carrier comes in two new colors, Myrtle Green and Black. Both colors feature gray accents for a fresh look not yet available on any of our other carriers.

Who was the Rover 2 Built for? 

The Rover 2 was primarily created for avid outdoor adventurers who enjoy longer, more strenuous activities. With the addition of the conversion loops, the Rover 2 doubles as a hiking backpack for transporting gear other than your dog. This carrier also works great for dog owners that regularly use public transportation with their dog, as well with senior dogs, or dogs with disabilities. 

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