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Im a dog walker / pet sitter. Its perfect. Ive only had it for about 3 weeks. The hands free leash was a game changer for me. I carry everything I need in there for my bookings. Pet first aid kit, small dog water bottle, car laser toy, a compact umbrella, etc.. My small gun also fits for when I work at night! I highly recommend this bag.

Jennifer Huynh
Love this bag

Love this bag, it has so much room for so many things that I have to carry with me when I take my service dog to Disney with me. I can fit so much like her Rex Specs Ear Pro, Noxgear Harness light, treats and more.


I have two senior dogs, one with pretty limiting arthritis, and we walk in a woodsy setting with large wildlife and a roaming pack of dogs. So, I was carrying treats, bags, an emergency sling, air horn, umbrella, animal spray, car keys, and phone for just our daily jaunts….and “girl pockets” were not cutting it. I’ve tried what seems like every belt and bag out there, and this is the first that holds it all easily and keeps everything handy. The downside is the bulk, but the option to wear as a belted crossbody keeps everything comfortable and supported. It’s too cumbersome to run with, and maybe overkill for a stroll around the block, but for those outings where you need “stuff” and a backpack is both overkill and not convenient enough, this fits the bill. And, I can connect both 70 pound dogs to the D-ring and go hands free; this far it shows no sign of wear. My suggestion for improvement? Cams or tie downs to cinch the excess material and space when it’s not needed — even with all that stuff I carry we’ve never filled it to capacity.

Bertha Villanueva
The Perfect On the Go Dog Parent Bag

I like to have supplies on hand when I'm out with my dog and this bag makes it happen. Often times I'm met with not having enough space in a bag to carry dog supplies and my stuff (keys, phone, wallet, etc.) and I'll end up having to take a much larger bag than I want.

The K9 Kompanion has plenty of room for my dog supplies and my stuff without having to compromise space.

I love how you can convert the bag and choose how you want to carry it, whether you want to wear it around your waist (like an old school fanny pack), cross body, or standard shoulder bag.

I love the extra compartments on either side of the bag, the poop bag holder on the waist band, and the extra pocket on the front of the bag, which gives even more room inside for other supplies.

A great safety feature about this bag is that is allows you to keep your hands free in the event you have to grab your dog suddenly or jump into action to perform pet first aid.

As a Certified Pet First Aid & CPR Instructor, I love how this bag allows me to take any pet first aid supplies I may need when I'm out with my dog or encounter a dog who may need help.

My husband liked this bag so much when he saw it that I ended up purchasing one for him before he snagged mine away for himself.

I highly recommend dog parents or pet professionals (dog walkers or dog trainers) to consider purchasing this bag and be confident you will have all necessary supplies with you when you're out with your dogs.

This bag is definitely something I'll use anytime I'm out with my dog whether it's around town or when I'm traveling and will be recommending it to my fellow pet parents and Pet First Aid & CPR students too.

Well-made but lacking.

This pack is really nicely made but the drawback is the netted side pockets are too small to hold a water bottle.