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Awesome—esp. w/K9 carriers!

I have 4 of these. None leak. (I did give several as gifts and was sad to hear a couple were thrown away because of leaking, but from hearing what the people said, I believe they did not screw on the cap until it clicked.) My previous dog (who passed away last year) was handicapped and easily and happily drank from these bottles while she was lying down, in her cart (“wheelchair”), or while she was in her K9 pack on my back. (I would hold it up and off to the side so she could drink without dribbling any on me!) Two of the bottles were hers, and I used one with the proper attachments to be a bladder in my regular backpack—I used another as a regular bottle for myself. I did drop one once—it landed on a sharp rock and water started oozing out at the point of impact—but I put a small piece of duct tape over it and I’m still using it almost a couple years later. I will say that I’ve never rolled up my bottles. I’m sure they were designed and tested to be fine to do that, but I’m hoping they’ll last longer if I don’t. They’re pretty flat when empty. The plastic carabiners aren’t my favorite design, but surprisingly to me, they haven’t broken. These bottles were invaluable to me when my girl was still with me. My new pup had no problem learning how to use it, too. Highly recommend!

This is a water saver!

I always felt guilty when I would pour water in a bowl for my dog, she wouldn't drink all of it, and then I would just throw it out. It was also so stressful when we would go on a trip and I would have to pack a bottle for her and one for me. Now her bottle collapses! It is so much easier and I love that I can clip it to the outside of my bag. I agree with the other review that I wish the clip wasn't plastic. For me, it squeaks with my steps as I walk which I don't love. I'm still giving it 5 stars because I can fix that problem in the future and if it breaks off, I know there are a lot of other clip options that I can get for cheap to attach.

Anthony Albiani
Great Bottle!

Took this bottle with my pup camping and hiking the day after receiving it. It worked great and the pup took to drinking from it right away. Much easier than carrying around a bowl. The only reason I didn't give it 5 starts is the integrated carabiner is plastic and, at some point, it will get broken hiking through brush.

Hannah Woolston
Good but not great

Like other reviewers I really wanted this to be the perfect solution for hikes with my dog so we could each have our own water. First off, it does leak when on its side or upside down. There are 2 pieces that you put on for the dog to drink after you fill the water and it’s always once the 2nd part is on that it leaks. Secondly, I have only used this 3 times and the bottom of the product looks to show some damage that makes me think it will not hold up as long( please see the photo attached to see how the plastic creases). I was so excited to buy this and my dog is really good at drinking water from it so I will see how long it holds up but just know it’s not leakproof.

Cool, portable, light -- but leaks

Constantly on the lookout for a way to carry water for my pooch when it gets warm. She overheats easily and I need to have water with me on all walks during the Spring and Summer. This product is more portable than most, lighter, collapses when empty and contains no glass so it cannot shatter. BUT -- it leaks. The minute you turn it upside down water starts leaking out the apparatus -- at the point where the top screws into the pouch. Besides the way this creates a mess, it also encourages my dog to start licking the wet cement which given her sensitive GI tract is not a habit I want to encourage. Love this company though!