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K9 Kennel Pop-Up Dog Tent


The newly redesigned K9 Kennel Pop-Up Dog Tent is perfect for outdoor adventures, and travel! It pops up and down in seconds and can fit easily into any backpack or suitcase. Now included with 4 aluminum stakes to secure into the ground! From the beach, the mountains, or the indoors, this tent provides your pup a place to rest. This tent provides the comfort of a kennel, without the hassle of being big, bulky, and heavy. 


The newly redesigned K9 Kennel has been fully upgraded.

  • Thick rip-stop nylon and claw-proof mesh with reinforced stitching for increased strength
  • 4 aluminum stakes & fabric loops to secure your kennel in place
  • Zippers and metal snaps for the door opening
  • 1.5x bigger storage bag for easy storage
  • Metal frame for easy folding
  • Pairs perfectly with the inflatable K9 Sport Sleeper pad
  • Hook & Loop backing for optional custom patch

When opened:

  • Small - 20in x 20in x 20in (51cm x 51cm x 51cm)
  • Large - 30in x 30in x 30in (76cm x 76cm x 76cm)

When in storage:

  • Small: 28 1/2" Circumference (diameter 9") with 2 1/2" width
  • Large: 43" Circumference (diameter 13.5") with 3" width

Customer Reviews

Based on 27 reviews
Pamela F
Perfect winter shelter

I needed a simple dog shelter, so Penny would have a cozy spot to hang out while I swim. I throw a towel at the bottom, and she's set. Easily folds up for flat storage in the pool clubhouse. Exactly what we needed, at a reasonable price. Sturdy materials. Customer service was great, too - answered all my questions very quickly. Personalized nametag brings a smile to everyone's face, so don't forget to order it.

Frank Tonis
Easy to set up

We are going on vacation to the beach in SoCal in 2 weeks and we are super excited to bring this lightweight “crate” for our small dog to enjoy. We feel comfortable that our little angel will be protected from the sun and have a place to relax.

Bought this for travel and now use it every day

This thing is awesome. Flew across the country with it in my luggage (large size). My pup likes it so much that we started using it at home. It's so easy to fold it in half and push it under the bed when not using it, it solved a huge space problem for us! We do have to be somewhat careful where we set it up when traveling. If she doesn't have a comfy bed or there's too much space around it, she turns it into a hamster ball and we find her in different rooms still inside of it 😅 We haven't had a single problem with her in it at home in the spot where her old metal kennel was. Her bed fits in it best if we set it up sideways and if we leave it up she actually takes naps in it on her own, something she never used to do.

K9 Kennel Pop-Up Dog Tent solved a problem

I am not using this pop-up tent for camping. I have a cranky senior red heeler who recently decided that she no longer wants the rest of the pack to enter the bedroom at night. When she is in the tent she can’t see them walk in = no drama.

Plus, she really likes the tent. I’ve got a bolster bed in it and a sheet over the top to keep it dark. She loves her cave and it makes bedtime much more pleasant for everyone. The tent weighs almost nothing and it is easy to pick up and move.

Luisa Lamore
Excellent for travel. Great for large dogs.

I continuously travel by plane with my border collies. This is the best, lightest and largest crate I have ever had. Before this one I had to always travel with 2 pieces of luggage. This one takes no space and no extra weight. I believe the large space makes my dogs feel very comfortable when in. 30" allows them to turn easily, sit, etc. Now I want to get 2 more.