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K9 Sport Sack® PLUS 2

Jet Black
Light Gray
Summer Mint
Mustard Yellow

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    Amazing Product

    This is such an incredible purchase. Shipping was so fast and the product itself is just as high quality as promised. My dachshund loves it and it’s helping her use her back just a littles less to ensure good health and a long, happy life. She’s always thrilled when I pull the sport sack out. It’s very comfy for her and she doesn’t mind spending extended periods of time in the sport sack. Overall, this is absolutely worth the money. Super high quality, great communication, fast shipping, and your pet will adore it!


    I and my dog, Camus, love it. The bag is thoughtfully designed, well made, and quite comfortable. I highly recommend it.

    LOVE it!

    I really love my K9 Sport Sack. It is extremely well made. The appearance is outstanding. I would prefer a strap around the waist but that might be because our Corgi is 37 pounds, he is surprisingly heavy. He is still losing weight so I'm hoping it gets easier. Max for the most is good with it. He lets me put him in it and right now he AND I can handle about 20 minutes at a time. Overall I highly recommend this product if you have a pupper you want to take everywhere with you.

    Durable and Safe Pet Pack

    This pack was purchased to replace our pets ruffit that was well used for years and we finally wore it out. Ruffit is no longer in business so we searched for a new product that had more pockets so we could take our day hiking. This pack is on many levels better made and safer for our pet. We also like the fact we had different color options a lighter color keeps your pet cooler. Some made comments having pets hard time getting in due to the arm holes, are pet is blind and medical certified so he very easy getting into packs and any seats so we didnt find this to be true for us. He loves it he goes right in pack sits and lets us put a little towel at bottom. We order the small he is a 16 in measurement for the pack, but he is a skinny yorkie, so he needs something to prop him up a bit and the the neck clip around the front vs back we use a harness bc he has a collapsed trach so we fold down the pack and then be sure to make sure the outside clip is fastened. He and us as well love it. It is very comfortable on my back and shoulders and i dont worry any longer him fallen out like i did with our old pack. It is on the higher end for packs however our last pack we had for 5 years and I could see this lasting the rest of our life of our pup it is very well made.

    Perfect for my Minipoodle

    I love this bag! My miniature poodle is 5.5 months and weigh about 12 pounds. He is tall and long. I choose the airplus2 in a medium size. It fits awesome and there is still plenty of room for him to grow more (he will be around 14-15 pounds) so the bag will fit perfectly then.
    I tried it indoors and it's very comfortable. My puppy is a little shit lol it wasn't easy to put him inside but he was good once he was in. It will get easier once everyone is used to the bag. I recommend it 100%