Dog Tents & Beds | K9 Sport Sack

Dog Tents & Beds

Does your pooch need a cozy place to rest after a long day of fun inside a K9 Sport Sack? We’ve got a dog tent and an inflatable dog bed - everything your dog needs to rest up at your side. 


Our K9 Sport Sleeper is fully equipped with Klymit technology. This means that it has maximum durability and comfort levels for your sleepy dog. It’s an inflatable dog bed, meaning it can easily be carried around during your outdoors adventure until it’s night time. The Klymit technology provides a sturdy base for your dog once inflated, and the bed will be elevated above ground level.


Alternatively, you can go for the K9 Kennel Pop-Up Dog Tent. This pop-up dog kennel provides the comfort of a regular kennel without the bulk! Just set up the kennel to give your dog a quick break during your hike or other outdoor adventure. It pairs perfectly with the K9 Sport Sleeper - make sure you have everything your dog needs for a restful time.