How to Use

Get Started

Getting your dog into the K9 Sport Sack can be a walk in the park! With the right method, practice, and a treat or two, you and your dog will soon be on to endless adventures together.

Watch this video to learn how.



Have your dog sit on top or to the side of the opened backpack. Treats can help.


Place front paws through the leg openings, clip the carabiner, then secure the collar enclosure.


Zip the bag and thread the buckle through the zipper loop. Tighten lumbar straps and shoulder straps as snug as possible. Having a lift from behind helps!


Adjust and buckle the sternum strap and waist buckle if needed. Enjoy the ride!

Final Fit Check

Once your dog is on your back, pull down on both shoulder straps to lift the bag up. This will be more comfortable for you and your dog.

Your dog should be able to see over your shoulders and rest paws there as well.

Clip and tighten chest clip and/or hip belt, if your carrier has one.

Go have an adventure!

Tips & Tricks

  • Try the Walk-In Method! Watch this video to learn how.

  • Help your dog associate the bag with a positive experience by using treats, praise, and patience.

  • If your environment is full of distractions, take your dog alone to a calm and quiet place and try there.

  • Do an activity that is easy the first few tries in the carrier to get used to carrying the extra weight of a live animal on your back. 

  • Listen to your dog's cues while in the carrier to determine how long you should using it each time. We recommend using the carrier 30-45 minutes at a time with 20 minute breaks.

  • Use the carrier ONLY for activities you feel 100% comfortable and safe to participate in. Be aware of your own strength and the additional weight of the dog. K9 Sport Sack does not assume any liability for accidents of any kind.

Still Need Help?

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