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K9 Sport Sack® Urban 2

Rs. 7,100.00

The Urban 2 is a backpack dog carrier with a design to mimic a trendy fashionable school bag with faux leather accents. Available in sizes XS-L, this carrier is meant for small to medium sized dogs. The Urban 2 should be used for short, non-strenuous activities like short walks, public transportation, or other similar activities. It has zipper ventilation on both sides for airflow when needed.

For Dogs Ranging 4-30 lbs (2-13 kgs)

Urban 2 sizing: XS 10-13 inches, S 13-17 inches, M 17-20 inches, L 20-23 inches

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  • Faux leather accents 
  • Ergonomic Shoulder Straps
  • Breathable Lightweight Fabric
  • Wide Base to accommodate your pet and its tail
  • Silver Metal Buckles
  • Hook & Loop strip for K9 Custom Patches
  • Safety collar and harness hook-up
  • Dual side pockets
  • Anti-slip zipper
  • Thick and wide bottom base pad to keep your dog comfortable

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    All K9 Sport Sack carriers are specially developed under the close direction of animal professionals, veterinarians, dog trainers, and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe, and strong.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 31 reviews
    Patrice Oconnor
    K-9 backpack

    I called customer service to coordinate return of a small sack in return for a medium. The exchange with the person there was unexpected and completely pleasant. He was very helpful and kind enough to find the last one of this design and send to my daughter in PA. It was received and my son in law is using it for their Bichon who looks to be enjoying it. Thanks so much for making a return/exchange so easy!

    Bryan Dorrell
    The bag in an amazing game changer

    We use this bag all the time. Either on long walks. Going into a grocery store. Or even a bar/arcade. She doesn't mind it at all. I do like that when she is in that its over the shoulder so she can see where we are going. Definitely recommend it. Also really like that i got the custom name patch.

    R L
    A Handy Carrier

    Our pup loved the fact that he got to go along. He quickly settled in, never whined or complained, and generally just happily hung out. We were active and I kept forgetting I had him on my back, he was content. A great option if you need to go somewhere less than clean with your dog, if you know they won't be able to keep up, or you're worried for their safety and ability to be with you easily.

    Best Thing Ever

    Got this bag to take my la"bro"doodle along with me on bike rides. He is very high energy but only runs in short spurts and doesn't enjoy long runs along my bike. Once he is tired out I will put him in the backpack and he LOVES riding along for the rest of my ride (typically 15-20 miles) with a couple of leg stretches when needed. I did end up returning this particular pack and purchasing the new rover instead as the Urban 2 turned out to be a little too small for him (everything else was sold out at the time). The Rover pack has a ton more features and is a little heavier but we enjoy it even better. Best part about the pack is watching the reactions as we pass people on our ride. Everyone thinks it it super cool!

    Stephanie P-F
    My canine adventurer loves this!

    My dog absolutely loves this bag. He always wants to tag along when my husband and I go anywhere and he was thrilled to be able to look over my shoulder while on the move. I'll admit I like being able to hold his paw on my shoulder. We purchased the medium sized bag (he was right in between S/M) which wound up being a bit big. Since the booster block was sold out, a yoga bag did the trick so he can sit comfortably.