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How To Choose the Right Carrier For My Dog

Posted by Spencer Kottcamp on
How To Choose the Right Carrier For My Dog

At K9 Sport Sack, we understand that finding the perfect carrier for your pup comes with lots of questions and consideration. From what works best for a growing puppy to wondering if this will work for a motorcycle ride, there’s a lot to consider!

On a daily basis one question we get the most is: “Which model will work best for my dog and I?"

This blog will address this question to ensure you purchase the correct model for you and your dog. 

Which Model Is Best For My Dog And I?

As of 2020, we currently have 5 different models to choose from. Each was designed and tested for a variety activities, hobbies, and lifestyles.

All models include:

  • Carabiner safety clip to keep your dog secure in the bag
  • Non-slip back zippers
  • Side cinch straps
  • Collar enclosures 
  • Standard with a strip for a customizable patch


The Trainer 

The Trainer is our entry level bag making it the perfect affordable option for helping your dog get accustomed to forward facing carriers or growing puppies. Being an entry level carrier, it might not have all the bells and whistles but has the same great K9 Sport Sack quality for casual strolls around town, short hikes, bike rides, and using public transportation.

It holds up to 30 pounds and comes in sizes Extra Small-Large

Some awesome features on the Trainer include side ventilation, lumbar support for your dog’s back, and a side pocket for carrying water.

Click here to view more of the Trainer. 


The Urban 2

The Urban 2 was created in response to the host of fashionable dog owners that wanted that trend setting look.  We kept all the great features that make the K9 Sport Sack so popular, and gave it a look that makes fashion bloggers rave. Similar to the Trainer, the Urban 2 is great for casual strolls around your city, easy bike rides, and using public transportation.  

It holds up to 30 pounds and comes in sizes Extra Small-Large

Some awesome features include faux leather accents, silver metal buckles, and updated shoulder straps for extra comfort. Don’t have a collar on your pup? No worries! The Urban 2 has a harness hook up inside to clip the carabiner found inside to keep your dog safe and sound on your adventures.

Click here to view more of the Urban 2. 

The Air 2

The Air 2 is the classic backpack model for which K9 Sport Sack is best known. It’s perfect for dog owners looking to do shorter to moderate adventures with their best friend. This could include hiking for a couple miles, bike rides, and catching the train together. 

The Air 2 holds a max weight of 30 pounds and comes in sizes Extra Small-Large

Some features that have always made the Air 2 model great include side ventilation for air flow, a chest clip to keep the bag secure, and lumbar straps to provide extra support to your dogs back. 

We’ve recently gone back to the drawing board redesigning some key features of the carrier using customer feedback. These updates include redesigning the shoulder straps to be more durable and comfortable as well as widening the base of the carrier for extra comfort.

Click here to view more of the Air 2.


The Plus 2 

The Plus 2 was built for the avid adventurer. It’s the go-to carrier for people that love going on longer, more strenuous hikes, bike rides, and outings. The main feature that sets this bag apart is the extra storage bag that attaches to the carrier.

It holds a max weight of 40 pounds and comes in sizes Small-Large. 

Some notable features that have always made it great include our most comfortable padded shoulder strap and a padded back panel for additional comfort and breathability. 

Like the Air 2, we’ve recently updated this model to make it safer, stronger, and more comfortable than ever. These include updating the side ventilation material from a dipped rubber material to a fabric mesh material that provides more ventilation and makes the carrier more durable.

Click here to view more of the Plus 2. 

The Rover 


The long wait for a big dog carrier is finally over! Introducing THE biggest backpack dog carrier on the market. The Rover has been developed over the last two years to be the premier big dog carrier. With sizes ranging from Large to Double Extra Large and holding up to 80 pounds, this bag is the perfect fit for big dog lovers.

The Rover is great for those looking to take their bigger dogs on adventures in ways they never thought of before. See it in action here

The Rover is equipped with over 20 safety and comfort features including a hip belt, an internal frame, and weight distribution straps. 

It can also double as a backpacking backpack when not in use for your dog.

Click here to view more of the Rover. 

**Please be mindful of the amount of weight your dog is and to only do activities that you are physically capable of doing before purchasing.**

**We are also currently out of stock in the Rover. We expect our new shipment in the next 4 weeks. Follow this link here to be added to our wait list** 


 The K9 Sport Sack has been used by over 100,000 dogs worldwide and counting. We believe that no matter what your lifestyle or hobbies may be, your dog should and can join in on the adventure too. Click here to get your dog on today! Be sure to leave a comment below on what we should write next! 

Interested in being a featured writer? Email for information. 

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  • Brian on

    Have a 8 pound chiweeni. Would like to use motorcycle for vet runs. Is this safe when on a motorcycle?

  • Sheena on

    Rover please! :)

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