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No Dog Left Behind Promise

How it works

A portion of every order is collected and is donated to animal rescues and shelters all across the world. By purchasing at K9 Sport Sack® dog carrier, you're helping animals and supporting the people behind the huge task of running a shelter/rescue and getting pets into loving homes. Follow our dedicated team on instagram (@k9sportsack) and facebook as we try to make the world a better place for dogs and dog owners alike.

Why choose rescues/shelters for the donations?

The single most important reason why the K9 Sport Sack® exists today is because of a little dog named Daisy that was rescued from a dumpster in northern Utah by the Watson family. Daisy was taken in, cared for, and became part of the Watson family.

Being a rescue dog, she needed extra attention and care from her previous life and situation. Rescue dogs have an extremely special place in our hearts because of the joy and happiness Daisy has brought to so many people in the family and around the world. Because of "Dumpster Daisy," the K9 Sport Sack® has given so much joy to dog owners around the world and continues to do so each and every day.

Running an animal rescue shelter is no easy task. They are often underfunded, understaffed, not to mention they don't make any money. Basically, it's a job that VERY few people want to get involved with. With the help of our customers, a donation means the world to these rescues and shelters. Since starting the No Dog Left Behind Promise, it's been our company's most satisfying project so far.

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