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K9 Booster Block


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Product Description 


  • Adds 3 inches to any Small, Medium and Large K9 Sport Sack Dog Carrier.

  • Made from quality foam. Built to last.

  • Removable and washable cloth.

Who Needs It?

  • In between-er dogs - i.e. wide body, but short

  • Growing dogs

  • Dogs that just need a little boost in their current size

What size do I order?

  • Each Booster Block size correlates with the size of K9 Sport Sack.

Can I use multiple Booster Blocks?

  • Yes, you can. We don't recommend any more than 2 in a K9 Sport Sack at a time.

The Booster Block seems too big to fit in my K9 Sport Sack?

  • The Booster Block was designed to be a tight fit in the K9 Sport Sack to ensure a snug and sturdy fit while in use.



Customer Reviews

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K9 XL Sports Sack Block

This block makes such a difference. Our dog fits better in a L, but it was terribly difficult to fit her in to a L. Fitting her into an XL was easy, but she sagged into the bottom of the sack in it. The block solved it, giving her a boost so there's no sag, and no drag on my shoulders. One note - on the instruction videos, I have not seen the way we get Ginger in, where the dog is lured in through the bottom and secured after buttoning the top. This was the only way that worked for our 50-pounder.

Perfect for Pups

I have two Cavalier King Charles Spaniels, who tire at different times during my walks. The K9 Sport Sack gives me the option to carry a Cavalier on my back while I tire the other pup out. My dogs enjoy the human perspective from up high, and carrying one dog makes it easier for me to take longer adventures.


K9 Booster Block

I didn't believe it would work out, but it did!

I did not really believe that our 6 month old busy Havanese would stay in a backpack...but after a couple of trials, she does beautifully, looking around, quite happy to be carried about...she even dozed off a couple of times!

Best thing ever

My dog loves her k9 sport sac and bolster