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8 Unique & Personal Gifts for Your Dog Obsessed Friend

Posted by Joseph Watson on
8 Unique & Personal Gifts for Your Dog Obsessed Friend

We all have that one friend whose whole world revolves around the furry friend; in all honesty, I am that friend! The animals we call our own can really become part of our family and a huge part of our lives. In this article, we are going to have a quick gander at eight great gifts for your friend that loves their pup more than life itself. Happy shopping!

1. Custom Designed Pillow of Pup (or pup & owner together)

    This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen curated online. Some of the best options available online are from custom marketplace, ‘Etsy’, a site known for its beautiful customizable gifts made by small businesses and local entrepreneurs. You can get this type of gift from bigger stores and household names as well, but I personally prefer supporting local businesses and find the quality is better on websites such as Etsy. 

    2. Picture Frame of Them & Their Pup (or just their pup) 

      This one is such a sweet little idea. In all honesty, it might be the most cost-effective way to be thoughtful! Frames do not cost an arm and a leg and obtaining a picture of the furry friend or of your friend’s little family is not going to be overly difficult. There are some really cute frames available, and you can easily get them personalized or tailored to your wants or needs. 

      3. A Painted or Drawn Family Portrait of your Friend & Their Pup

        This is such a beautiful idea, but one of the pricier options for a treat on this list. As Rick Stein, a pet expert at Essayroo and Simplegrad, commented, “Things like this can be found on websites such as Etsy, made by local businesses and small entrepreneurs.” These portraits can be copied from pictures you have available, hand-drawn, or painted. These are a great and unique way to help your friend showcase their love for their furry friend in a personal way. 

        4. The Furbo Dog Treat Camera

          The Furbo dog camera is a nifty little invention that enables your friend to be able to feed their dog even when they are not at home. This is especially great if your friend either lives away from their pet for long periods of time or even just has an extra-long workday and wants to make sure their pup is cared for. This gift is on the expensive side though, but a worthwhile long-term investment.

          5. A Necklace With Their Pup’s Name

            This is the cutest little tribute for a friend concerning their pet, and it is an amazing tribute to a pet either long gone or right in front of you. A necklace to wear around their neck (or another piece of jewelry depending on what they like), is a great way for them to pay tribute to their little love. 

            6. A Cartoon or Disney (Inspired) Pet Portrait (or family portrait)

              These are absolutely gorgeous, and a really fun gift for your quirkier friends. Cartoon portraits can dress up the lovey-dovey act of a portrait and make it fun and interesting. Some people absolutely love their Disney and cartoon-esque styles, and this is a great way to tie that in together with their love of their pet.  

              7. Personalized Dog Stickers

                Serena Williams, a writer at Revieweal and Best assignment writing services, noted that “These dog stickers are adorable and a really fun way to tie your love of their dog or furry friend into their everyday lives.” These are a fantastic gift for someone who works a lot or who travels around away from their pup often and misses them. These can be used to decorate mugs, laptops, luggage, or other items. These do not cost that much either and can be combined with other gifts on this list. 

                8. Socks with the Pup’s Face

                  This is one of the cutest things I have ever seen! You can get customized socks with your friend’s furry pal’s face all over them. This is on the eccentric side, and a hilarious ‘secret santa’ gift for the holidays, but it is personal and a really touching gift. 

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