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How Traveling with My Furry Friend Has Boosted My Mental Health

Posted by Joseph Watson on
Assaf and his trusty companion Booli posing together atop a rocky crest

Needless to say that all of us dog owners know how much our pooches mean to us and our wellbeing, and how much we'd like to take them everywhere with us.
From time to time however reality can get in the way and make us feel uncertain –
Should I take my little mutt on my daily errands around the block, or might the shop owner not take kindly to it? Can I plan that hike in nature I always wanted us both to go on? Is it unsafe and irresponsible to take him along? I, for one, have contemplated these dilemmas numerous times and was even criticized harshly for taking my ol' pal Booli with me everywhere I possibly could. I know from personal experience in the last year, that my intention to carry my Booli safely with me wherever I can, has not been in vain. Ever since I purchased my sturdy K9 Sport Sack Knavigate, our lives have turned around, and only for the better!

Let me begin with a personal confession – In the past few years, I was suffering quite a bit. I wasn't sure where my life was heading, and at times I got to such a low point where I just stayed indoors all day long and didn’t step out into the world. No matter what, my loyal Booli has always been right there with me, even when I didn’t exactly care to show any love back. That’s just how our pooches are, and we ought to be thankful for them. I felt bad about this gloomy situation I got us into, and though I knew in the back of my mind it’s just a fact that our lives are short, I could do nothing but suppress this. 

Asaf and his dog Booli pose with a friend on a hike while using the K9 Sport Sack Knavigate carrier.

As time passed by, Booli’s health started to decline and he was diagnosed with a chronic condition that at some point in time, will cut his life short. Ironically that realization has also made me reflect on my own life. Eventually, I decided to lift myself from my despair, which by no doubt had also affected him. Slowly but surely, we started doing more fun activities together. From little things like letting him play more with other dogs, while I try to chit-chat with the other dog owner, to longer walks around the neighborhood. But with our increasing appetite for having more fun together, we were facing a new problem – how could we go further than simply walking around the block? My only means of transportation was a small compact bicycle, which did not allow for me to carry him along,
and all things considered - he could only go so far by four paws.

After extensive research online, I found the K9 SPORT SACK Knavigate, it was the perfect fit for my 22 lb. Booli - I was finally able to just lift him swiftly on my back, and off we went!!! In no time we started traveling all around the city, and with the added K9 Sport Shades-Dog Goggles, many heads were spinning, and selfies were taken.

This motivated us even further and we began setting off on new adventurous hikes together all around the country – from leisure walks in the leafy Israeli Golan to more complicated and strenuous hikes in the beautiful southern Israeli desert. We just went everywhere together!

Then a couple of months ago came the biggest change in our lives ever – we moved together to the Netherlands and started an exciting new chapter on our yellow brick road. 

Assaf and Booli get ready for a bike ride while wearing the K9 Sport Sack Knavigate backpack carrier.

There’s no need to mention that the Knavigate, which has been so useful to us, was also packed and shipped, and for a good reason - The Netherlands is known for its abundance of bicycles far and wide. Not long after our arrival I was gifted with a trusty old mountain bicycle and without thinking twice I snugged Booli on my back, as he’s already used to, and we started exploring our new home.
Should I add, that as much as the Dutch have probably seen almost everything that one can think of when it comes to bicycles, Booli traveling in a Knavigate with goggles is just too cute of a sight to be seen!

As I’m writing this from the comfort of my bed, with Booli by my side, I cannot help but think all of this started from a dire situation, which we were able to turn around with the help of a cool and useful K9 Sport Sack dog carrier – this might sound like another familiar cliché, but sometimes life is filled with wonderful surprises. One just never knows…

About the Author: Assaf is an avid amateur photographer and a keen sportsman who enjoys traveling and hiking in nature. He is now living in the Netherlands together with his loyal companion, Booli.

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