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Our Lives Have Changed, But So Have Our Dogs

Posted by Spencer Kottcamp on
Our Lives Have Changed, But So Have Our Dogs

The last few months have filled many of us with different emotions from anxiety, to frustration, too much more. Many of our lives have changed on a daily basis. For a lot of us, we have spent more time in the home in the last month or two than we may have all of last year. Hopefully for all of us, the future is bright and full of optimism. 

With these observations in mind, many of us we may be wondering how all of this has affected our dogs for good or for bad? As we begin to adjust back to “normal” life over the next few months, here are a few insights we have seen at K9 Sport Sack via social media and our own lives that may help. 

The Bad 


Dogs May Have Some Anxiety When Left Alone 

Many of us have spent nearly 24 hours a day at home the last few months. If this is the case some of you may have started to notice your dog's mood change as you have left them home without anyone there. They may even act out in doing things they normally don’t do when you aren’t there. 

How To Combat
  1. You may consider getting a pet camera to keep track of them as you are away. There are many companies that make pet cameras you can set up to your wifi and check in via an app. 
  2. You can also get creative and use another device at home and Skype or Facetime yourself to keep track of your furry little friend! 
  3. Ease your dog into the transition of not being home with them all the time. If you have been home for 24 hours a day, consider getting out of the house without them for small periods of time. 

Dogs Getting Out of Good Routines/Habits 

Most dogs do really well with daily routines and habits. During times like this it can be hard to keep up in this department. Some of the routines and habits dogs can lose the hang of may include sleeping in their own bed, eating dog food, and even socializing with other dogs or humans. 

How To Combat
  1. Practice makes perfect! If there are some good routines or habits your dog has fallen out of, ease them back into them. 
  2. Be consistent with good routines and habits even if you will still be home for the next little bit. 
  3. Be on the lookout for bad habits forming with your pup. With treats and high praise you can correct bad behaviors from happening. 

The Good 


Spending More Time With Your Dog 

Your dogs will benefit greatly from the daily time you get to spend with them. The more time you spend with your dog the greater your bond will be. Younger dogs will especially benefit with extra time as they learn how to listen. Not only do your dogs benefit from the extra time, but so do you! Numerous doctors have linked spending time with your dog to lower blood pressure, lower cases of depression and many more physical and mental benefits to humans

Your Dog is Getting More Exercise 

Dog owners all around the world have spent more time running, walking and playing with their dogs than ever before. Many dogs are enjoying the health and mental benefits from getting enough daily exercise. One of the most asked questions according to from dog owners is “how much exercise should my dog be getting?” Remember that your dog’s breed heavily influences the level of physical activity he needs. Keep up the good work on getting your dog the exercise they need!

In Summary


Our lives have changed with everything happening but so have our dogs. As we keep in mind the changes at hand we can have the power to get through this with our dogs as happy and strong as ever! 

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