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Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe at Home

Posted by Joseph Watson on
Ways to Keep Your Dog Safe at Home

It's important to take steps in advance, to prevent your dog from escaping the yard. Dogs can leap over tall obstacles, barriers, and fences. A dog of any breed can run away, but those of hunting breeds are more prone to it due to an innate desire to chase prey. Shepherds and other similar dogs can also run away, often due to insufficient physical activity. Dogs of guard breeds have a very strong sense of territoriality, so they rarely run away. Animals often think that being on the other side of their enclosure is much more interesting than being on the inside. It's critical to put preventative measures in place so it doesn't happen. Find out different ways to keep your dog safe at home with our tips below! 

How to Keep Your Dogs Safe in Your Yard

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Firstly, prepare for the arrival of a pet at home. Before you bring a dog into your home, be sure the whole family is committed to the responsibility. The appearance of a pet in the house should not be a surprise! The choice of a future friend should be approached very responsibly.

Think about the age and sex of your future dog. Will it be a boy or a girl? A baby or an adult? You should also pay attention to your dog's pedigree. After all, purebred animals are often not only expensive but also require special housing conditions: professional care for eyes, ears, fur, special feed, etc. Each dog is unique and depending on their characteristics, they may require specific care.

Also, to anyone who wants to have a dog or already has one, be sure to find out what the pet-keeping rules at your place of residence. If there are such rules, they must be followed. Before you bring a dog home, you should prepare:

  •  A place to rest
  •  Bowls for food and water
  •  A special comb or brush for combing
  •  Toys, so that the animal is not bored
  •  Collar and leash 

Advice for Dog Owners to Ensure They're Healthy and Safe

While being at work or school, remember to remove all sharp objects and valuables from the pet’s vicinity; hide all the wires and edges of the hanging tablecloths; put all detergents, various chemicals, and cosmetics in an inaccessible place. Some puppies behave like little children so it's important to treat them like such, regarding their safety.

Here are some general tips for walking dogs: 

  • Dogs should not be walked and taken out without leashes, ID tags, and muzzles
  • Observe sanitary and hygienic norms, as well as rules regarding vaccinations
  • Dogs should not be walked by owners under the influence of drugs or alcohol
  • The behavior of a dog that may create a situation dangerous to other peoples' health or other animals, as well as may cause damage to property, must not be allowed
  • Do your best to keep your dog quiet in the night and early in the morning
    A Man Wearing Winter Clothes Playing with His Dog

    When walking your dog, an important task is to eliminate the possibility of escape. You can do numerous things to keep your dog from running away, you should eliminate all the dangers that may facilitate an escape as well as organize the leisure for your pet so that they would be content with their activities. Here are some things you should ensure for better pet safety: 

    • Locate and correct any defects in the fence
    • Spend more time with the dog, take it on regular walks
    • Play active games in the yard
    • Provide leisure during the absence of the owners (for example, leave toys)
    • Attempts to escape should be stopped only by treats or games, you can not scold, causing negative associations with the house
    • Make sure your dog is chipped or has an ID tag

      If the dog runs away from home and does not return, there may be a problem of obedience. It needs to be solved by training.

      Follow the Rules of Owning a Dog

      A dog is a person's best friend. What rules should a dog owner follow in order to not break the law? The rules for keeping dogs require the presence of documents for the pet. Therefore, your dog should be registered. If the dog's owner receives complaints from neighbors, homeowners, and other people to whom the pet is causing discomfort, action should be taken. You should also know the rules of proper walking of dogs and their maintenance, following which will ensure that your pet is happy and content in their environment.

      Keeping your dog safe and happy is not an exact science, but by following these tips, it can be made a lot easier!

      About the Author: Jessica Fender is a professional writer and educational blogger at GetGoodGrade. Jessica enjoys sharing her ideas to make writing and learning fun.

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