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K9 Sport Sack Holiday Gift Guide 2021

Posted by Joseph Watson on
K9 Sport Sack Holiday Gift Guide 2021
K9 Sport Sack offers a wide variety of carriers, dog essentials, and custom dog products that make pawfect gifts for dogs this holiday season! 


Each carrier has features tailored for a range of experiences and dog types. We recommend choosing the carrier that best suits your dog's size and lifestyle.


A woman rests with her aging dog in a TRAINER carrier

Price: $49.95 
Size of Dog: 5-30 lbs (2 kg- 13.5 kg)
Recommended Activities: Easy walks and hikes, socializing new puppies, training dogs that are new to K9 Sport Sack.  
Key Carrier Features: Lightweight/easy to clean material, simple design, standard safety features, single side pocket. 

Air 2

A woman rides a bike with her puppy in an AIR 2

Price: $74.95 
Size of Dog: 5-30 lbs (2 kg- 13.5 kg)
Recommended Activities: Moderate hikes, easy bike rides and public transportation.
Key Carrier Features: Increased durability, extended side ventilation, chest clip, dual lumbar support straps for your dog.

Urban 2 


A woman strolls down the beach boardwalk with an URBAN 2 backpack carrier

Price: $84.95 
Size of Dog: 5-30 lbs (2 kg- 13.5 kg)
Recommended Activities: Easy walks, outdoor events and public transportation 
Key Carrier Features: fashionable design, ventilation zippers, Velcro strip for name patch.

Plus 2 

A woman enjoys a winter stroll with her dog in a PLUS 2 carrier

Price: $94.95 
Size of Dog: 10-40 lbs (4 kg- 18 kg)
Recommended Activities: Moderate hikes, moderate bike rides, public transportation.
Key Carrier Features: extra storage pack for gear, extended side ventilation and ventilated back panel, additional padding on shoulder straps, soft-lined arm holes.


A couple hikes with their dog in a KNAVIGATE backpack carrier

Price: $164.95 
Size of Dog: 5-50 lbs  (2 kg- 22.5 kg) 
Recommended Activities: Difficult hikes, Difficult bike rides, public transportation. 
Key Carrier Features: Hip belt, internal frame, extra storage compartments, side ventilation, dual lumber straps.

Rover 2

A man waits at the train station with his bulldog in a ROVER 2 carrier

Price: $269.95 
Size of Dog: 30-80 lbs (13.5 kg- 36 kg)   
Recommended Activities: Hard hikes, hard bike rides, public transportation, convert to a traditional hiking backpack for carrying other gear besides your dog 
Key Carrier Features: Hip belt, internal frame, backpacking pack conversion, extra storage bag (compatible with water bladders), hot/cold side ventilation zippers, dual lumber straps, dog hood.



Custom Bandanas 

Price: $9.99 
Key Features: Fun patterns and designs, fully customizable. 

Custom Name Patch 

Price: $14.95 
Key Features:  Huge selection of colors and texts to chose from, fully customizable with dogs name or any other text you want. Use our ALL NEW patch customization tool to see what fonts/colors and your text will look like! 

Pre-made Patches

Embroidered patches compatible with K9 Sports Sack gear laid out for view

Price: $9.95 
Key Features: Variety of designs and designs to chose from, traditional patch backing or velcro backing.

K9 Kennel Pop-up Dog Tent

Price: $39.95-49.95 
Size of Dog: 5-60 lbs (2 kg- 27 kg)
Key Features: Folds and packs into a lightweight carrying case, small and large size, durable mesh and main material, loops for staking in the ground.

Doggy Pins

Doggy Pins featuring six different breeds fastened to the pocket of a K9 Sport Sack backpack carrier

Price: $4.95 for 1 or $12.95 for a pack of 3
Key Features: Acrylic pins of our colorful K9 Sport Sack doggy characters. Choose from a Corgi, Pug, Aussie Shepherd, Frenchie, King Charles Cavalier, or Dachshund. Each pin is approximately 1.25" tall and comes with a rubber clutch. Perfect to fancy up your carrier or garb of any sort!  

Doggy Waste Bags

Doggy waste bags in a box

Price: $24.95 per box (18 rolls) or $1.95 for a single roll
Key Features: 100% compostable, biodegradable, and earth friendly. Made from cornstarch, Buy a box for a four month supply or a single roll. Each box has 18 rolls and 270 bags to last four months. Every Box Comes with a Transportable Bag Dispenser!

K9 Sport Sleeper

Price: $54.95-64.95 
Size of Dog: 5-60 lbs (2 kg- 27 kg) 
Features: Extremely lightweight and packable, waterproof and easy to clean, claw and scratch resistant, small and large size. 

K9 Sport Shades- Dog Goggles

Price: $14.95 
Size of Dog: 5-50 lbs (2 kg- 18 kg) 
Key Features: Fully adjustable, keeps the sun/wind/debris out of your dog's eyes, fun colors.

K9 Sport Snuggler- Dog Jacket Insert 

Price: $39.95- 44.95
Size of Dog: 10-40lbs  (4 kg to 18 kg) 
Key Features: Keeps your dog warm in the K9 Sport Sack, alternative down material. 

K9 Sport Saucer

Price: $9.95
Key Features: Fully collapsible water/food bowls, lightweight and comes with carabiner, four colors to chose from.

If you have questions about any of our products don't hesitate to reach out!

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