How My Dog's Instagram Changed My Life

 My Dog's Instagram

Growing up everyone always tells you to find your passion but no one tells you how hard it might be. Finding my passion was something I struggled with for years. I never thought that starting a dog Instagram would be my key to success. Sharing my life on social media helped me find my passion, myself, and a new career. My name is Bailey and my French Bulldog's name is Hudson.

Girl Walking Her Dog I am 23 years old and Hudson is four. I grew up in Calabasas, CA. Growing up we had a pet squirrel, horses, dogs, cats, and so many other animals. I knew when I went to college I was ready to get my own animal and that's when I got Hudson. We started sharing our life on social media a few years ago and since then our lives have changed in more ways than I can explain. My Instagram @thelilacfrenchie is where it all started. 

Growing up I always thought my passion was working with kids. I became a preschool teacher but I found myself never fully satisfied. I felt like I was burning out and I was only 23. Everyone kept telling me to find my passion but I didn't know how. I slowly began to realize even though I loved kids it wasn't my passion. I knew it was time to walk away, it was terrifying. A few years ago I believed I would be a teacher my whole life. To step out of my comfort zone and find my true passion was scary. Instagram gave me a place to be myself, find my confidence, and be creative. It was exciting and challenging but I never thought I could do it as my full-time job. I found myself spending all my free time creating content and sharing our life. I would occasionally get brand deals and I learned a lot with each deal.

Dog in K9 Sport Sack

When I left my teaching job I knew I wanted to give myself time to think about what I wanted. I was traveling for the next few months and decided to focus on my Instagram full time while I was gone. All of a sudden everything started falling into place. I became more confident in myself and who I was. I started to learn my passion to create content, work on brand deals, negotiation and so much more. Doors started to open in new ways I never knew they could: brand deals, photoshoot opportunities, partnerships, social media jobs. It started to become consistent and I realized I could pursue my dreams on social media. There's a lot that goes into running a social media page. I work a lot more than I did when I had a 9-5 but I am extremely happy with a decision to step into the unknown and allow myself the opportunity to find my passion. I know this is just a step towards new opportunities and new goals. I want to start my own business and want to continue to grow every day as I pursue my passion and my dreams.

I find myself waking up every day happy and excited for the next step. I never thought my dog's Instagram would change my life in so many amazing ways but I am so happy to be where I am today and can't wait to see what's coming next.


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