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It all started with a puppy in a dumpster...

K9 Sport Sack was founded in Provo, Utah in the summer of 2010 when Joseph and Jen Watson found a small dog in a dumpster. As busy college students Jen and Joseph often found themselves leaving Daisy at home. When Joseph started training for a 200 mile bike ride Daisy made it clear that she wanted to come along. They explored the available options including slings, front carriers, enclosed carriers and bike attachments only to find that none worked. The best available option was a small drawstring bag that cinched up around Daisy’s waist but was uncomfortable and offered insufficient security. After each ride Joseph would make suggestions on how the bag could be more comfortable and Jen would sew on the new additions as the K9 Sport Sack evolved into its current form. 


Over the course of hundreds of rides spanning the next year Joseph, Jen and Daisy were stopped by dozens of people asking where they could get the same carrier. It wasn’t long before they decided to share their hodge-podge creation with the world.

In 2012 that first bag was sent to a prototypist and soon a small production run was made. Jen, Joseph and Daisy attended a few pet expos and continued to be blown away by the reception of the K9 Sport Sack as customers lined up to buy their first forward facing backpack dog carrier. Models became increasingly sophisticated as customers offered feedback and new ideas were tested. One model turned into many and the scope expanded to include additional items such as tents, beds, jackets and bowls. The K9 Sport Sack team grew commensurably as more and more people became aware that there was indeed an option that allowed them to carry their pets comfortably and safely.

The years have passed but the K9 Sport Sack mission has remained the same. We strive to help customers carry their best friends where they previously could not. We strive to help sad, bored dogs get off the couch and onto unprecedented adventures. As such, we seek employees, partners, affiliates, customers and friends that share that vision and goal. K9 Sport Sack continues to grow at a rapid pace and we are ecstatic to add you to our growing family. Please refer to this manual often as you help us bring this product to the whole world. The contents of this publication were carefully crafted to help you navigate your position as well as understand and follow the policies of K9 Sport Sack. As always, ask lots of questions, have fun and never leave your dog behind.