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Klearance Air 2

$67.96 $74.95

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Items are designated as Klearance for the following reasons: 

  • Refurbished Items
  • Aesthetic/Cosmetic imperfections not affecting the overall soundness, i.e. minor smudges and peeling logos.
  • Demos and display bags.

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The Air 2 is the backpack dog carrier people know best. Available in sizes XS-L, it is a durable, breathable mid-level backpack perfect for smaller to medium size dogs. The Air 2 is offered at a reasonable price while including the essential safety and comfort features needed for a comfortable experience. This backpack is recommended for intermediate grade walks, hikes, public transportation, and bike rides. The Air 2 is constructed with durable Cordura® fabric and form-fitting mesh on the sides for breathability.

For Dogs Ranging 4-30 lbs (2-13 kgs)

Klearance Air 2 Sizing chart

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    For general or sizing questions on Klearance items please contact or call/text 385.515.8908. 

    • Ventilated side panels for cooling 
    • Adjustable dual side pockets
    • Sternum strap with avalanche whistle clip
    • Wide Base to accommodate your pet and its tail
    • Updated Side Mesh
    • New Side and Back Cinch Straps
    • Updated Shoulder Strap Design (No More Popping Off Chest Clips) 
    • Fur Flap (No more zipping your dog's hair in the bag)
    • Adjustable Collar Enclosure

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    All K9 Sport Sack carriers are specially developed under the close direction of animal professionals, veterinarians, dog trainers, and outdoor product engineers to be ergonomic, safe, and strong.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Paula S
    It's a great starter!

    I was unsure how much I would like a pack, but I knew it had to be better than carrying Mable down the mountain when she got tired or just refused to go any more. However I was really impressed not only with how comfortable it was but how comfortable she seemed to be in it! I loved the little side holder for her water bottle and snacks. The only thing that would have made it perfect was having a waist strap. The top chest strap did get annoying after a bit

    Anthony De Jose Lim

    What an amazing quality product to securely carry my dog that I've been looking for. And to top it all, what a very accommodating top notch customer service. I purchased a smaller than expected size and was able to exchange hassle free with included prepaid return mail and a quick turn around free delivery for their exchange. I am very delighted with the company and had a very positive experience. Highly recommended!

    Highly disappointed!!!

    To start out with the good... I purchased two Klearande Air 2 backpacks and 2 blocks. 1 dog needed the block the other ended up not needing one. Intested 1 pack out and it worked great. My dog seemed content and I was happy. Now the dissatisfaction... I took the 2nd pack down to my daughter's so we could take our dogs to a fair. We didn't bring any leashes since we had the packs (bad move). We got the one pack on and as my daughter was taking hers out of the package to put on realized the shoulder strap webbing was literally sliced completely through and looks like it's melted to stop fraying. Who and why would someone do that? Anyways the bag is not usable at all in that condition. You can only use 1 strap to hold your dog in 1 shoulder. Can't happen. The klearance packs are supposed to be put through a rigorous quality testing procedure but obviously this one wasn't checked at all. You can't miss the fact that only 1 strap is connected. If the stipulation had read that they may be broken I would have purchased 2 full price packs so buyer beware! Thank goodness my son was able to rig the dog collar caribener to the webbing to temporarily hold the shoulder strap so we didn't waste our trip, however this allowed the dog to turn around in the pack since the carabiner wasn't hooked to them. I sew and luckily have the supplies on hand to fix the webbing and sew new webbing on to what was broken. Highly irritated and dissatisfied to have to fix something that was supposed to arrive ready to use. We did get a lot of comments on the packs and I did tell each person the name of the company so maybe you'll get more business from our trip although I do suggest you double check the employee doing the rigorous testing. Pictures show how the strap should look and 2 images of what the other side looked like and how we had to rig it up to use it.

    Beth Ann Dickie
    Love this backpack!

    I love this backpack. Just walked through Charleston with my barky dog in the backpack. She loved it and did not bark at anyone! She was comfortable looking around and being adored by everyone talking about her in the backpack. I feel I can take her anywhere now. Thanks so much!!

    Paige McCaleb

    Our dog loves this backpack! It keeps him well secured and he loves being able to see everything from the “sky-view”. So happy with our purchase.