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Matthew Finn

We enjoy every bit of this backpack. Ride a grom and my gs rides in the back with the goggles. Huge fans of the backpack. Designed really well and durable. Makes life more unique


I got this pack to have as a precaution, as my senior GSP Olive has deteriorating hips and has been struggling to get through our longer hikes, but I couldn’t imagine leaving her home. She has always been trusting and laid back, but I did not expect her to be as comfortable as she was on our first longer session in it. Within 10 minutes she had her head on my shoulder and was falling asleep. We have some kinks to work out as far as fit goes for her and myself, but I can see this keeping a lot of doors open for us as time goes on.
I love how adjustable the pack is and as someone who is new to carrying so much weight on my back, it is surprisingly comfortable.
I do wish there was a way to prop the pack upright while loading up; as an often solo hiker, getting her on to my back has been a struggle but I’ve slowly been finding a way.

I’m looking forward to continuing to explore with Olive thanks to you guys, and I think she’s happy with it too.

Thank you so much!

Dominick Courcy
Exceptional Customer Service

My original shipment said delivered but I never actually received it. I believe it was stolen, and K9 SportSack shipped me another immediately. Extremely pleased with the backpack and the customer experience. I have a 75lb Rottweiler and she fits great!

For motorcycle riders

For my riders out there this carrier is amazing. It is just like having a back rest if you are on a cruiser. Don't feel my dogs weight what so ever. Only thing I wish is all the leads had a way to keep em high and tight. A simple velcro sowed to the end of each lead to roll up and velcro so there's nothing long and flapping about would be amazing.

Lindsay Gregory
Great for hefty boys

My senior puppy has reached the point of no longer being able to hike with us, but still wants to go. This makes it easier. Getting him in was simple enough (he's also super chill and lets me do whatever with him). He does weigh Bout 85 pounds, so carrying him is a little hefty, but we're working on it. It does help to have a second person to hold him and the bag upright while I get it adjusted in my shoulders sitting down before standing with him.