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Resources for Abandoned & Neglected Animals

Posted by Joseph Watson on
Resources for Abandoned & Neglected Animals

When you have a passion for taking good care of your pet, it’s hard to conceive of treating an animal with anything less than complete kindness. The unfortunate truth, however, is that many pets are treated poorly, abandoned, neglected, and abused each year. Shelters and animal welfare organizations need help from anyone passionate about pets’ lives in order to help these animals get the care and love they deserve.

Here are some ideas from K9 Sport Sack for how you can plug in and do your part.

Fund the Cause 

Taking care of abandoned pets can get pricey — your donations help.


Want to take a hands-on role? Here’s how.

yellow labrador retriever with red leash

Many shelters need people to volunteer to play with animals or take them on walks to socialize and exercise them. 

  • General cleaning, feeding, and upkeep are often done by shelter volunteers
  • Skilled volunteer work, such as photography or online marketing, can help shelter pets find their forever home. 

Help from Home

There are plenty of ways to help the cause without leaving the house. 

white and brown short coated dog on green grass during daytime

All pets deserve loving homes, and your support can help make that dream a reality. It can also do wonders to repair the damage done to pets who have already had a tough life. With support, animal welfare groups can help make every pet’s life safer and happier. 

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About the Author: Jessica Brody created Our Best Friends so others could find a place to share stories and photos of their beloved animal companions. 


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