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The Knavigate Dog Carrier

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The Knavigate Dog Carrier


The latest addition to the K9 Sport Sack catalogue has arrived. After 2 years of research, re-designs, and testing, the Knavigate covers all the bases many of our customers have been asking for. The Knavigate is equipped with a hip belt and internal frame to help distribute your dog’s weight, holds up to 50 pounds, and is available in sizes Extra Small up to Extra Large. It also comes with the same standard safety and comfort features that make each K9 Sport Sack model great.

K9 Sport Sack fully understands that for dog lovers, no trip or adventure is complete unless their pup can join in on the fun. Our revolutionary dog carriers have changed the way people and their pets get around together. Whether you’re going hiking or catching the train, the K9 Sport Sack has your back. Now it has your waist too.

With thousands of reviews across the web raving about the durability, ease of use, and features of our current carriers, one request has been made more than any other: “The K9 Sport Sack NEEDS a hip belt!”. While another model equipped with a hip belt has been available for the last year, it was created for much bigger dogs weighing up to 80 pounds, making it unusable for customers with small to medium sized dogs.

The Product Development team tried simply adding a hip belt to our current models but found it didn’t work as they had hoped. When the extra small to medium sized carriers are worn correctly, they end up being very high on the wearer’s back. The hip belt ends up positioned above the wearer’s hips and cannot provide the support needed. The Knavigate was created to be able to give the wearer the hip support they need while also coming in smaller sizes.

While this model can work for anyone needing extra support while carrying their dog, it was primarily created in a response to the avid outdoor adventure customer base. These customers are always seeking new and exciting adventures they can share with their dog. With these fun trips, however, also comes the need for proper gear that will be able to help them get there. The newest remix of the classic backpack dog carrier has never made carrying an extra-small to medium sized dog (5-50lbs) more comfortable.


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