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You searched for a front carrier so we are going to let you in on a little secret.  We are working on one! 

Here is the story in a nutshell:

Before we created the first K9 Sport Sack we bought a front carrier which was just about the only thing available back then.  It folded in the middle, spilled our dog out occasionally and bumped into our knees when we rode a bike which jostled our dog around like a milkshake.

That is why we made the K9 Sport Sack a backpack carrier; to be hands free, balanced, secure and all that good stuff. 

Our customers are the most innovative people though and despite the K9 Sport Sack being ostensibly uni-directional, we started getting pictures of people wearing their dogs like this:

Not just a few people either.  It seemed that more people than we anticipated wanted to wear their dog on the front and breathe the sweet fragrance of dog breath.

So, the idea for the OMNI was born.  The OMNI represents nearly three years of research, testing, development and most importantly, gathering an insane amount of feedback from our customers who are the best R&D department we could ask for.  At long last, we have approved a final prototype and are ready to move into production with this insane project.  We are hoping to have it in the catalog before Fall is over. 

The OMNI has an inflatable frame to offer comfort and help hold its shape and when the shoulder straps are detached and reattached at the correct junctures your dog can be comfortably worn facing forward on your chest, facing backward on your chest, facing forward on your back or facing backward on your back.  It is basically unapologetically four bags in one.

You are welcome to check back periodically to see if the OMNI has made it to the site, you can follow us on Instagram or Facebook to see the official announcement in real-time or you can ask to be put on our wait-list by contacting and you’ll get an email notification the second the boxes hit the warehouse shelves.

Get your dog on (your chest or back or whatever!)